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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

EPIBIOME BEAUTY™ - the role of the skin microbiome in epidermal care

EPIBIOME BEAUTY™ – a new level of skin wellbeing

At DSM, we believe that the interaction between the epidermis and skin microbiome has an important role to play in a holistic beauty regime. As this significance is still underestimated, we have taken a unique opportunity to combine two complimentary approaches:
  • MICROBIOME RESEARCH, which is deeply embedded in DSM’s innovation culture;
  • CORNEOCARE™, DSM’s approach to achieving the ultimate skin appearance and sensation by building a strong epidermal barrier.

We’ve combined this expertise and our knowledge to create new innovative solutions under our EPIBIOME BEAUTY™ approach EPIdermal microBIOME beauty focuses on the interplay between the skin barrier and microbiome, to explore new ways to preserve, reinforce, and restore healthy skin at its root.

EPIBIOME BEAUTY™ approach on skin microbiome

Skin microbiome research for a better understanding of specific skin conditions

Skin conditions, such as dryness, oiliness or reddening are instantly recognizable to the human eye or touch.  But what do we understand about the invisible community of micro-organisms on the skin’s surface that influences such conditions?DSM’s scientists have demonstrated a link between changes in the composition of the skin microbiome and changes in physical skin conditions for the first time in one clinical study. In total our experts identified more than 200 different species of bacteria. They then selected the three which have the greatest impact on the three most common skin types, namely, dry, oily and normal skin:

Their study found that treatment with the skin care actives, OXY 229 PF, SYN-UP®, and ALPAFLOR® ALP®-SEBUM, had a visible and invisible impact on normal, dry and oily skin conditions.