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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients


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The special grade - now better than ever

Ten years ago DSM pioneered Niacinamide PC, a form of vitamin B3, for use in cosmetic applications. Since then the product has become extremely popular, even with the most demanding consumers, because of its remarkable efficacy. Now, to mark its 10th anniversary, we are launching a new, upgraded version of this popular ingredient. Our upgraded Niacinamide PC provides all the benefits of topical vitamin B3 while minimizing potential unwanted effects such as unpleasant sensations of heat in the skin. These are caused by residual nicotinic acid. DSM’s branded vitamin B3 is guaranteed to contain less than 100 ppm residual nicotinic acid, making it exceptionally well tolerated.

DSM sparks fresh innovation with Niacinamide PC

Vitamin B3 still has the power to surprise! Recent proprietary research by DSM revealed that it could prove a powerful ally in the latest challenges facing the beauty industry: environmental pollution and ubiquitous blue light.