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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

Certified Organic Ingredients

The most stringent rules fostering ethical, sustainable practices

Organically grown ingredients without GMOs are important purchasing factors for more than 77% of all personal care consumers1. DSM’s Certified Organic label indicates that ingredients and the processes that go into their production have been assessed and certified according to the strict organic standards of ECOCERT, COSMOS, and NATRUE:
DSM Certified Organic Ingredients
  • ECOCERT is the pioneer when it comes to organic certification. Created as standard for natural and organic cosmetics in 2002, it now has broad worldwide recognition with a presence in 80 countries. Its goal is to promote natural and organic substances, respect for the environment, and high ethical values.
  • COSMOS represents a step towards a single European organic standard initiated by the five main European organic and natural standard-setting organizations. The COSMOS standard was approved in 2010. It aims to promote the use of products from organic agriculture, respect biodiversity, and use clean manufacturing processes that take account of human health and the environment.
  • NATRUE was founded in 2007 by European manufacturers of natural and organic cosmetics. Its mission is to safeguard and promote pure and authentic, natural skincare.

Leading the way: ALPAFLOR®

Our ALPAFLOR® skincare bioactives are extracted from resilient alpine flowers. The portfolio offers a full range of high performing ECOCERT, COSMOS, and NATRUE certified ingredients cultivated in the Swiss mountains.

Organic cultivation of the plants for ALPAFLOR® EDELWEISS protects natural sites against wild harvesting, helping to preserve the biodiversity of alpine flora as well as ensuring a sustainable supply of botanically and chemically well-defined plants of the highest quality. It also guarantees the protection of soil and groundwater against chemical pollution, while new manufacturing processes have led to a 40% reduction in water use over the whole ALPAFLOR® product range since 2007.

As a pioneer in the organic market, we focus on standardized high-altitude cultivation combined with our phytochemical expertise to ensure outstanding quality, efficacy, and traceability from seed to bioactive.

ARGAN OIL – a shining example

This ECOCERT, COSMOS and NATRUE organic certified ingredient is a powerful natural shine enhancer and provides intensive care for dry or brittle hair. With high concentrations of unsaturated fatty acids, tocopherols, and polyphenols, Argan Oil also helps to protect and restore skin functions, providing suppleness and softness. It is ideal for nourishing and protecting formulations.

1 Mintel Report: Natural and Organic Personal Care Consumer, US, December 2016