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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

The DSM House of Naturals

A guide to DSM’s natural, organic and sustainable beauty ingredients

DSM’s range includes a number of natural skincare ingredients that are certified organic, verified natural and of natural origin, covering a broad range of skin, sun protection, and sensory benefits. With its simple 3-icon system and clear definitions, the House of Naturals navigation aid offers our customers transparency as to the degree of naturalness of our ingredients and production processes.
Guide to DSM’s natural, organic and sustainable beauty ingredients

A broad range of natural personal care ingredients

The DSM House of Naturals contains a broad range of personal care ingredients consisting of 55 products in total. It also demonstrates how DSM masters key production processes, including extraction and Green Biotechnology to deliver sustainable, transparent and safe raw ingredients. The efficacy substantiation for our natural ingredients meets the same standard as that of our synthetic ingredients, guaranteeing high efficacy on top of naturalness.

The House of Naturals navigation

The House of Naturals navigation aid highlights the enormous potential of our portfolio to cover different product origin needs and benefits. For clarity it has been clustered into seven different categories:


Edible Vegetables:

Edible vegetables are well-known, safe ingredients, traditionally ingested and used topically for centuries. They provide key nutrients to the body and benefits to the skin. For example, the watermelon extract in our PEPHA®-PROTECT ingredient is derived from a special kind of watermelon that grows in the Kalahari Desert (Citrullus lanatus): In order to survive, it synthesizes tough defensive compounds, so-called compatible solutes, to protect important cellular structures such as DNA. 



Our herb extracts offer high-performance, organic bioactives cultivated at a high altitude in the Swiss Mountains. ALPAFLOR® GIGAWHITE is an organic solution based on the extracts of eight alpine herbs to provide natural skin brightening. In ALPAFLOR® EDELWEISS, we combine carefully selected varieties of Edelweiss flowers which have a high content of skin actives such as leontopodic acid, a powerful antioxidant and a potent skin barrier enhancer.


Natural Oils:

Argan, sunflower, soy and sesame oils are some of the most traditional and best-known sources of beneficial compounds, such as unsaturated fatty acids and unsaponifiables. Ancient Chinese literature reveals that soy beans were extensively cultivated and highly valued for soy bean oil production prior to the year 2000 BCE. Argan Oil is the main constituent of our REGU®-SEB ingredient, which provides effective long-term regulation and control of sebum production. 



More than 70% of Planet Earth is covered by water. This provides many unique environments and rich resources that have considerable potential to produce bioactive compounds for use as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and cosmeceuticals. For example, our PEPHA®-AGE Scenedesmus rubescens belongs to the genus Scenedesmus, which is known for its unique self-protection capabilities. In its fresh-water environment, it has developed a unique set of active components to defend against external stressors such as blue light and UV light.


Silk and Milk:

Milk is widely known for incomparable skin benefits. Bathing in milk has been a popular beauty regime among women for thousands of years – legend even has it that Cleopatra indulged in milk baths every day. DSM’s LACTOMIDE obtained from milk fermentation compensates lipid loss in the skin's barrier. The traditional and precious silk-cocoon-derived protein SERICIN enhances the skin with a shimmering, silk-like appearance and offers smoothing and moisturizing benefits. 


Yeast and Fermentation:

Preparations from yeast have long been used for cosmetic and pharmaceutical purposes. Fermentation is perhaps the most ancient food processing method mankind has ever used, as it unleashes many different compounds, some of which are highly beneficial to the skin. DSM’s portfolio includes a number of products that leverage this time-honored production process. Discover ERYTHRULOSE, a skincare ingredient which is produced by fermenting corn and offers a new dimension for self-tanning products.  



Silica and Titanium Oxide minerals are found in nature and can be used as versatile ingredients as well as filters for UV protection. Our PARSOL® TX leverages titanium dioxide to create a UVB filter that also contributes significant UVA protection.