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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

Natural Origin Ingredients

The label for derived natural ingredients based on ISO 16128

DSM’s Natural Origin label follows the criteria set out in ISO 16128 which was introduced in September 2017. The standard comprises guidelines on definitions for natural and organic cosmetic ingredients and offers a framework to determine the natural content of ingredients as well as formulations. According to ISO 16128, to receive a natural origin rating the natural part of an ingredient must be greater than 50%.

The ISO standard aims to harmonize definitions for natural and organic cosmetic ingredients in order to provide greater transparency for manufacturers and consumers, and to date it is the only internationally recognized standard to do so. DSM values the clarity it provides and would like it to go even further. DSM has therefore joined with other industry representatives in a working group led by the European organization FEBEA to compile a report that will provide fresh insights into technical aspects of the standard.

Natural Origin label for derived natural ingredients based on ISO 16128

DSM goes further

In the meantime, although the ISO standard permits materials with 50% natural content, we have decided to stipulate a natural origin score of 60% or above for the ingredients in our House of Naturals. We have also excluded any ingredients which meet the requirements purely because the formulation solvent is of natural origin.

And since sustainability is a core value for DSM, we have further decided to exclude manufacturing processes that do not comply with Green Chemistry principles.

DSM’s Natural Origin ingredients include:

VALVANCE™ Touch 210: This sensory modifier for sun care formulations delivers protection that feels good. Consisting of porous spherical pure silica microbeads, it was demonstrated to be of 100% natural origin using ISO 16128 calculations.

BEAUACTIVE®: BEAUACTIVE® hinders the production of sunburn cells and the stress marker p53, which can increase skin pigmentation. It also helps prevent conspicuous facial pores by enhancing the skin’s own collagen production. BEAUACTIVE® is manufactured using green technology and also received a natural origin rating of 100%.

REVITALIN® PF: This bioactive delivers boosts the skin’s oxygen content and consumption to help energize and revitalize skin. With a natural origin rating of 98–99.9%, its eco credentials speak for themselves.

PARSOL® TX: Assessed as being 98–99.9% natural origin, this inorganic UV filter provides a fantastic SPF boost and makes a significant contribution to UVA protection.