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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

Verified Natural Ingredients

Independently verified natural ingredients and sustainable manufacturing processes

According to a broad Mintel report, over 86% of millennials – people born between 1980 and the mid-1990s – find claims involving the presence of natural ingredients and the absence of artificial additives to be highly influential. This generation tends to be suspicious of green and natural claims following rumors of “greenwashing”. They are comfortable with technology, using it to access information and make informed product choices. To enjoy consumer confidence, natural claims must therefore be backed by transparent, trustworthy labeling.
Verified Natural Ingredients and sustainable manufacturing processes

DSM’s Verified Natural label – don’t just take our word for it

Verified Natural is DSM’s label for products manufactured with care for the environment and respect for natural resources. It is reserved for ingredients whose starting materials are verifiably natural. Their production methods follow the same rules on processes and solvents as those for organic ingredients.

For plant-derived ingredients, this means that the initial crops may be cultivated in a conventional way, but each of the processing steps is regulated by standards such as those of the independent certification bodies ECOCERT, COSMOS, or NATRUE. As a matter of course, these norms include areas like waste management and energy management, just as they do in certified organic production.

For example…

ERYTHRULOSE: certified 100% natural by ECOCERT.
This natural tanning adjunct promotes a beautiful, natural-looking homogenous and glowing skin tone, enhancing the skin’s overall appearance. For use in formulations designed to provide a long-lasting, even tan without stripes – the natural way.

STIMU-TEX® AS: comes with a 100%-natural rating from ECOCERT who confirmed its 67% vegetal composition.
STIMU-TEX® AS is a unique mixture of high-quality spent grain wax, cold-processed argan oil, and shea butter that provides effective relief for sensitive and irritated skin within five minutes. It visibly reduces histamine-related symptoms like irritation and itching, providing people with a liberating feeling of ultimate skin comfort..

VALVANCE™ Look 100: this ingredient’s 100% natural rating was issued by NATRUE.
VALVANCE™ Look 100 is a perfectly balanced composite of silica microbeads and TiO2 crystals. With an instant effect, it conceals shadows, dark lines and circles under the eyes.