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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

Meet the DSM Team at the 30th IFSCC CONGRESS in Munich!

DSM Personal Care is one of the main sponsors at this year’s scientific congress IFSCC 2018, held from September 18-21 in Munich. The IFSCC offers a perfect ground to gain new insights in the field of cosmetics, as well as networking opportunities with other people within the personal care industry. Under the overall theme, “Cosmetics: Science for Beauty and Lifestyle”, this year, the IFSCC Congress will explore what modern society wants in terms of beauty and lifestyle.
Molecular modelling and rational design

The overall theme is fully in line with the recent launch of our skincare ingredient BEL-EVEN® and our roll out of holistic formulation concepts enhanced with sun and hair care ingredients. We focused our launches and scientific research in 2018 to create cosmetic active ingredients and formulations that support people in maintaining their beauty regimes in times of stress. As an industry, we believe we have a responsibility to provide effective personal care ingredients that save precious time, while ensuring the needs of skin, hair care and sun protection are being met – even when they are exposed to psychological and external stresses.

What can you expect from DSM at this year’s IFSCC Congress 2018?

Meet the DSM scientists at our booth E06 to learn more about the art of rational design of skin care ingredients, aided by molecular modeling. You can also find out more about our latest research in skin biology and gain deeper insights into how we use sophisticated technologies, such as mass spec for proteomics, to underscore our scientific approach. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with our leading scientists in sun care, who will fill you in on consumer habits when it comes to applying sunscreens – and get insights about how these behaviors might be influenced by a better sensory. Scientists in our Sun and Skin Care segments began last year with dedicated research to further investigate blue light activity in the skin, derived from both visible sunlight and electronic devices. At the IFSCC you can meet with them in person and learn more about their latest findings.

Overall, we will contribute to this year’s IFSCC conference with ten posters and one exclusive talk. These scientific researches will give you insights on how our different competences enable us to develop active ingredients across all application areas. We’ll present different case studies that show how we identify and characterize relevant biological pathways for skin to design effective solutions according to different skin needs.  Furthermore, we dedicated our research in how to develop and apply new methodologies to measure and visualize the effects of our ingredients. Much of this work has been realized due to our extensive network of collaboration with external partners and universities. 

Click here to read more about the details of all ten of our posters, the numbers and timings at this year’s IFSCC, and more insights on our exclusive talk!