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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

Our experts recommend...

DSM colleagues have been scrutinizing the in-cosmetics 2019 program and come up with some not-to-be-missed topics and sessions they think will inspire you.

Olivier Garet, Business Development and Marketing Manager, EMEA is interested in:

Personalisation, customisation, bespoke: making "made-to-measure" a success

In a world of mass consumerism where everyone has access to the same products, the need for individuality has never been greater. This presentation will highlight the different approaches for personalization in the beauty industry and beyond, analyzing the key to success in the digital world, and for bricks and mortar spaces.

02 April 2019, 12:00 - 12:45
Marketing Trends Theatre
Speaker: Emmanuelle Moeglin, Founder and Nose Experimental Perfume Club Lab

Why is this presentation your favorite?

“I couldn't more agree that due to moving towards a globalized world that’s embracing uniformity, there are areas that people still want to feel unique. Modern living and hectic lifestyles call for more sophisticated needs, but the offer can be overwhelming for many consumers who fail to find the right products for their specific needs, routine or even personality. In my opinion, personalization in Skin Care appears to be the ultimate answer for those consumers, from a simple booster adding on-demand benefits to their daily routine, to more advanced solutions such as bespoke blends recommended after skin DNA diagnostics. I'm really looking forward to this presentation, to gain some insight on how to help consumers feel their unique identity has been considered and addressed.”


Melanie Waeckel, Global Marketing Manager Technical & Performance Ingredients picked the presentation:

What's next in haircare: emerging trends

Consumers already expect basic product functionality, such as effective moisturization, but haircare that delivers a unique and singular benefit by hair texture, lifestyle or life stage can entice new customers to trial. Join Mintel to identify and understand emerging haircare trends, consumer concerns and desired outcomes.

03 April 2019 14:00 - 14:45
Marketing Trends Theatre
Speaker: Andrew McDougall, Associate Director – Beauty & Personal Care, Mintel

Why did you pick this presentation?

“Hair can be linked very closely to our personality and emotions, as it delivers a quick and effective way of expressing who you are to the outside world.

Our Consumer Insights studies revealed that bravery and experimentation in hair care are dependent on your life stage, country and particular needs like additional care or more volume. People use products to gain a level of experimentation and balance. I’m looking forward to discovering emerging hair care trends, products and related claims, so we can start thinking about the next future hair care ingredients.”


Michele Marchini, Global Market and Consumer Insight Manager suggests:

Ageing skin: what’s behind the face 

The objective of the workshop is to provide participants with understanding of new approaches in anti-ageing skin care focussing on innovations in the understanding of skin ageing and the ways to evaluate and promote product efficacy.

  • Sun, pollution and skin ageing
  • Skin ageing exposome
  • The challenges in claim support for anti-ageing skincare products
  • How to choose the best solution for in vitro and ex vivo testing of anti-ageing efficacy
  • Advances in imaging and modelling: the ageing human face

02 April 2019,  14:30 - 18:00
Workshop Room 2

What do you find exciting about this workshop?

Skin ageing prevention remains a primary need. Changes in consumer trends have shifted concerns towards the prevention of skin ageing, as well as focusing on the more active lifestyles of today’s “experienced” people. Science-based companies have the responsibility of advancing on product efficacy, testing methodologies and benefit visualization. I’m also interested in keeping the pace with the relationship between ageing and sun exposure, as I believe sun damage is one of the key drivers of faster ageing. As a consequence, sufficient sun protection is a key, and often an underdiscussed preventive solution.”


Sonia Dawson, Regional Marketing Manager, North America recommends:

Emotions and beauty aspects in cosmetics: new insight and implications for the cosmetics formulator

The workshop, animated by professors of neuroscience and psychology and by cosmetic scientists from prestigious brands will present new viewpoints on perception and self-perception, new protocols and ideas on how emotions play a role in optimizing product performance.

  • The biology of beauty: Darwin, skin, and ageing
  • A world of emotions: insights from psychology and neurosciences on the quest to wellbeing in cosmetics
  • How do emotions get into the skin?
  • The eyes of others: is it of interest for the cosmetic industry?
  • Cosmetic skincare products improve quality of life

02 April 2018 14:00 - 17:30
Workshop Room 1

Why are you so excited about this talk?

“I’m excited about the workshop on Emotions & Beauty Aspects in Cosmetics as cosmetics have always served an emotional need for consumers. They are easy-to-justify, indulgent escapes from the stresses of life. Research also shows that consumers heavily link emotional stress to negative skin changes. However, on a physiological level, the impact of emotional stress on skin – and more so, how to counter those effects – are still being understood. From this talk, I’m especially excited to gain a deeper understanding of the distinct impact emotional stress has on skin and how new cosmetics skincare products can successfully address those effects. “