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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

ALPAFLOR®: Revealing the Power of Organic Alpine Bioactives for Naturally Beautiful Skin

At DSM we believe that as concern for our planet’s health grows, organic values will increasingly drive people’s choice of beauty products.

Organic and ethical values have been driving consumer choices about food production for many years1 and now, a growing number of people are applying these same values to their beauty and personal care product purchases. This is especially true of younger consumers (16-34) around the globe, with almost two-thirds using and looking for facial skincare products with natural ingredients.2

DSM’s pioneering ALPAFLOR® portfolio offers a full range of high performing bioactives extracted from rare alpine plants that are cultivated organically in a pristine environment high in the Alps.  Every step of our supply chain is traceable and is an excellent example of sustainability and fair trade in action.

All ingredients in our ALPAFLOR® range are certified organic with ECOCERT, COSMOS and NATRUE, and carry North-North Fair for Life and Fair Trade accreditation. As inclusivity is part and parcel of an ethical approach, the portfolio is also Halal certified.


ALPAFLOR® SCUTELLARIA AO: Relieve urban stress for incomparable skin comfort

With urban populations around the world increasing rapidly, more and more people are exposed to environmental and urban stress. Pollution, the demands of professional and family life, a lack of sleep, and a general race against the clock can all affect the appearance and sensation of our skin: an unhealthy-looking complexion, and unpleasant sensations such as burning, pain, and irritation can all become a problem. ALPAFLOR® SCUTELLARIA AO targets multiple steps in the skin inflammation process. More>

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ALPAFLOR® ALP®-SEBUM: Visible care for oily skin

ALPAFLOR® ALP®-SEBUM is our unique solution for oily skin produced from the rare Alpine plant, Epilobium fleischeri. This product is ECOCERT and Natrue, and Fair For Life trade and Halal certified. In fact clinical studies have proven its outstanding properties for sebum production and pore size reduction - leading to a visibly improved skin appearance. More>

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ALPAFLOR® EDELWEISS: Discover a new level of protection for an ultimate skin sensation

ALPAFLOR® EDELWEISS rebalances UV-induced stress markers to normal levels and enhances the skin’s resistance to external stress factors: All of which helps preserve the natural balance of the skin for an ultimate sensation. More>

Young lady resting on her arm, with edelweiss flower

ALPAFLOR® GIGAWHITE: The natural brightener that keeps your skin at its luminous best

ALPAFLOR® GIGAWHITE, produced from 7 traditional Swiss plants, is the organic certified skin brightener. This Ecocert, Cosmos, Natrue, Fair For Life fair trade and Halal certified Alpine Extract can naturally brighten and even skin tone. More>

1 Mintel/Lightspeed: Key European Markets, consumers’ attitudes towards provenance, ethics and organic produce 2015

2 Mintel lightspeed study of 935 internet users who use facial skincare products