Great tasting baked goods with enzymes

BakeZyme® helps keep dough elastic and strengthens gluten structure

Enzymes are natural proteins that act as catalysts for biochemical reactions, providing a wide range of quality improvements in baked goods. For centuries, enzymes have helped bakers get the best from their raw materials. Now, our family of baking enzymes is enabling bakers and millers to produce a better and tastier product consistently  - with characteristics consumers expect like a good crumb structure, consistent appearance and improved shelf life.

We offer a complete portfolio of single-activity enzymes that deliver reliable and consistent results thanks to their ability to catalyze a precise process under specific conditions (temperature and pH). Once completed they become inactive, subtly simplifying the baking process. By simply adding natural processing aids like BakeZyme® to your baking mix you can achieve more gluten - free as well as tolerant, stable, elastic and less sticky dough which is easier and faster to handle.

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The BakeZyme® product range

BakeZyme® AAA

BakeZyme® AAA offers a cost-effective way to reduce ascorbic acid in bread.

BakeZyme® Fresh XL

It improves softness, moistness and resilience in on-the-go baked goods.

BakeZyme® Go Pure

Improves dough properties and strengthens the gluten matrix. Provides dryer doughs and works synergistically with hemicellulase.

BakeZyme® Master

It maximizes freshness, resilience and foldability in baked goods, such as on-the-go sandwiches and tortilla wraps.

BakeZyme® Master to maximize freshness, resilience and foldability

BakeZyme® Master is a premium maltogenic amylase that enables bread producers to maximize freshness, resilience and foldability in baked goods, such as on-the-go sandwiches and tortilla wraps.

Bakezyme® Master helps bakers to produce bread with supreme resilience, delayed staling, more softness during shelf life and proven sensory benefits (e.g. even after 7 days, bread has a softer crumb and is more moisty) By extending the shelf life of bread, it supports industry players in actively reducing food waste. What's more, this solution particularly increases the foldability in baked products like tortilla wraps, preventing cracking at folding points. This enables producers to achieve a stronger product appeal for consumers and improve process efficiency for manufacturers.

BakeZyme® Fresh XL to boost freshness and moistness

BakeZyme® Fresh XL is an innovative enzyme for industrial bread producers looking to significantly improve softness, moistness and resilience in on-the-go baked goods such as sweet buns and white bread sandwiches.

Following extensive trials in a range of bread and flour types, BakeZyme® Fresh XL has been specifically designed to cater to consumers’ increasing need for convenient, on-the-go breads that stay fresh for longer.

BakeZyme® Go Pure to control gluten strength

The use of a glucose oxidase during the dough making process is well known within the bakery industry. Most common glucose oxidases on the market originate from Aspergillus sp. DSM has developed a new glucose oxidase originating from Penicillium chrysogenum, called BakeZyme® Go Pure. 

BakeZyme® Go Pure allows for the dough to become elastic, maintaining its ability to stretch and creates new opportunities to use glucose oxidase as a tool for replacing chemical oxidizers (such as ADA or Bromate) or in applications such as frozen dough.

Cut costs and reduce ascorbic acid levels

Fluctuating ascorbic acid prices can seriously affect the cost-efficiency of bread production – especially in emerging markets. 

BakeZyme® AAA enables you to combat this challenge by reducing ascorbic acid dosages in bread in a cost-effective way, while maintaining the texture and volume consumers love. It is a well-balanced and thoroughly tested blend of baking enzymes that offers a cost-effective way to reduce ascorbic acid in bread – for all bread and flour types, and with a smooth, short transition of your production processes.

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For softer, moister sandwiches & tortilla wraps that last longer… look no further than DSM’s new Bakezyme® Master. This premium amylase boosts the resilience, freshness and quality of baked goods with the super-fresh mouthfeel ideal for every time of the day. What’s more, your product stays fresher for longer – cutting food waste and delivering on convenience.

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