Boosting bioscience innovation

Putting biotech to work

For delicious, nutritious and sustainable products

We believe that bioscience (the science of living organisms) holds the key to feeding a growing population sustainably, tackling food waste, and fighting climate change. Here at DSM we use it to create delicious, nutritious and sustainable products - more quickly and efficiently.

Biotechnology is a branch of bioscience that’s all about creating food and beverages through the fermentation of microorganisms like yeast, fungi, or bacteria. For 150 years, we’ve been a leader in this field, creating winning solutions for customers. In fact, our bioscience capability is enabled by some 1,500 scientists and experts worldwide - specializing in screening, strain development, bioprocess development, biochemistry, microbiology, bioinformatics, analysis, and data science. 

But we don’t plan to stop there. We continue to invest in the future: including emerging technologies like robotization, digital twins (a virtual mirror of a real-world product or process), and Artificial Intelligence. 

Put our expertise to work

Great tasting lactose-free diary

Our team combined the latest biotechnology with five-plus decades of dairy experience to create Maxilact® - a family of acidic and neutral lactase enzymes. Not only does Maxilact® meet the needs of lactose-intolerant customers, it creates a clean taste, while its natural sweetness enables up to 20% sugar reduction.

100% sugar reduction, 100% taste

What if we could produce stevia sweeteners by fermentation – rather than via extraction from the stevia leaf? This is exactly what our experts achieved with EVERSWEET™ Reb M. It delivers calorie-free sweetness in a more scalable and sustainable way, with lower cost-in-use.

Powering the protein transition

CanolaPRO® is our unique protein isolate derived from the canola (rapeseed) plant. Our scientists developed a patented process and technology that preserves the functionality and nutritional quality of the protein within. It's ideal for ready-to-drink and ready-to-mix protein applications as well as meat and dairy alternatives.

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