Reducing fat, sugar and salt

Less is more

Better for you – and consumers

Increasingly, we’re seeing that consumers want to protect their health by eating “better-for-you” foods with lower levels of fat, sugar and salt - but without compromising on taste or texture. With our solutions you get the best of both worlds, supported by application experts who ensure there’s no negative impact on your food’s sensory appeal.

According to consumer research, some 66% of global consumers are looking to improve their diets by reducing their sugar intake1.

But reducing sugar, salt, and fat in foods and beverages isn’t easy, and requires strong scientific know-how and deep application expertise to get it right. That’s where we come in, with our unrivalled scientific foundation, broad portfolio of leading solutions, and application expertise on-hand across three continents.

1FMCG Gurus. March 2021. Flavor, Color, & Texture Trends in 2021.

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Our solutions in action

100% sugar reduction

Achieving zero sugar with maximum taste is far from straightforward. That’s why our bioscience experts developed the zero-calorie, non-artificial EVERSWEET™ Reb-M. It delivers a sugar-like taste without the undesired aftertaste of conventional Stevia extracts. We also offer world-class premix solutions and experts to boost your production efficiency, economics, and quality.

Reduce salt in meat alternatives​

Now you can achieve better flavor in meat alternatives minus the salt: Our application experts can improve the taste, texture, and nutritional value using naturally salt-free savory ingredients that impart intense and complex flavors that taste just right.

Hold the salt in bread​

Reducing salt in bread can affect the taste, shape, volume and crumb structure. But our experts have developed baking solutions to achieve it without these functional drawbacks. We work with you to apply the right symphony of baking enzymes.


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