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We understand that producing food ingredients efficiently and sustainably isn’t an easy job. So welcome to our family of ingredient processing solutions. Supported by some of the best experts in the industry, they enable you to optimize everything from fruit & vegetable processing, to oils & fats processing, to sugar and fermentation processing, to winemaking. 

Our Ingredient processing experts are here to help you.

Ingredient applications

Fruit & vegetable processing

If you want to get the very most from your fruit and vegetable processing, look no further than our enzyme-based solutions. They increase your yield, shorten production times and clarify juice more effectively.

Sugar processing

Unique in the industry, our enzyme-based sugar processing solutions offer a more sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional chemical-based sugar inversion. From juices, to confectionery to sugar syrup – we’ve got you covered.

Egg processing

Our solutions for egg processing don’t just enable you to boost the texture of egg yolk-based products like mayonnaise and sauces. They also bring superior control, faster optimization and reduced cost to your production process – supported by our expert partner, Sanovo.

Wine processing

Through our expert partner, Oenobrands, we provide a whole family of complementary oenological solutions that can increase your volume, boost wine taste and improve its stability when bottled. This includes one of the best and longest established enzyme-based ingredient solutions in the industry: Rapidase®.  

Animal protein processing

Our portfolio of enzyme-based animal protein processing solutions enable manufacturers to maximize yield, optimize production process, and valorize side streams, reduce waste, all for increasing profits with minimum environmental impact. 

Our Processing Ingredients


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