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Engaging the modern pet parent

Cats and dogs are no longer just animals, they are fully-fledged members of the family in the minds of today’s consumer. Pet parents are becoming increasingly well-informed and discerning, seeking out high-quality, nutritious and delicious products.

To meet these exacting requirements and differentiate their offering in an increasingly crowded market, petfood producers need ‘best-in-show’, sustainably sourced and cost-effective ingredients that push the boundaries of innovation to deliver science-backed health benefits, and a taste pets can’t resist. 

Leading solutions, incredible results

The dsm-firmenich petfood offering is where decades of science-based research and technological innovation meets a modern, pet-first approach to quality nutrition.

Focusing on science-backed fortification, pet-pleasing sensory solutions, trend-friendly gut health support and sustainable practices throughout our supply chain, we help petfood producers craft premium petfood, treats and supplements that keep cats purring and dogs’ tails wagging.  

We work to provide nothing but the best to our customers, and ensure our solutions are good for pets, good for producers and good for the planet. 

Why partner with dsm-firmenich?

Our team has more than 300 years of combined experience in the petfood market, delivering the solutions that matter to nourish cats and dogs worldwide.

Our in-depth understanding of pets, their owners and the wider petfood market means we are not just a supplier. We create partnerships for success, enhancing our customers’ existing production capacity, always with an eye for safety, quality and sustainability at scale.

By partnering with us, petfood producers unlock premium solutions they can leverage to engage today’s pet parents, and keep pets happy and healthy at every life stage.

Real Science. Real Innovation. Real Care.

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