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Looking for friendly, organic labelling?

Consumers are increasingly looking for foods and beverages that have clear, short lists of recognizable ingredients, which they perceive to be healthier. Making this happen isn’t an easy job - but our label-friendly solutions offer you a viable alternative to undesirable ingredients. 

A recent IFIC study showed that a majority of US consumers would perceive a product with a shorter ingredients list as healthier than a product with a longer one - despite having the exact same nutrition facts panel1

The ‘clean label’ trend presents a complex technical challenge when it comes to creating the right recipe for healthy, sustainable products with great taste and texture. Our science-based solutions can make your products suitable for natural, organic, and non-GMO or VLOG claims - all supported by our experts who work with you to achieve great taste, texture and health in your products while also appealing to consumers who read the labels.

1International Food Information Council, IFIC Food & Health Survey, 2020

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Our solutions in action

Lactose-free fresh dairy

Consumers want lactose-free fresh dairy with the right taste and texture, and no undesirable ingredients. We’ll help you achieve it, regardless of the product’s positioning – from ordinary to organic labelled products. This includes local regulatory support and technical support - to ensure everything works smoothly in the production process. 

Clean-label savory flavor

Meeting consumer demand for adventurous flavor in savory meals and snacks is a challenge - especially without losing the appeal of simple, home-cooked food. But we have the solutions to make it happen - like our MaxaGourmet™ range, based on kitchen cupboard ingredients that consumers know and love.

Coloration solutions ​

It’s often said that we ‘eat with our eyes’. So, if you’re looking to produce  vibrant colors for food and beverages from bright yellow to warm-orange…look no further than our carotenoid-based coloration solutions. These natural phytonutrients are found in various plants, algae, and bacteria - and offer a wealth of benefits.  

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