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Whether you want to remove phytic acid, ferment sucrose more efficiently or reduce foaming in ethanol-based fermentation, our enzyme-based processing ingredients and experts can provide the solution. What else would you expect from one of the world’s longest-established leaders in this field? 

Our solutions enable a more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable fermentation process across multiple segments. For example, with our phytases you can remove phytic acid – a chemical and ant-nutrient found in all grains and many other vegetal energy sources. And in classical fermentation our invertase enzymes hydrolyze sucrose giving you the potential to shorten fermentation times and increase yield.

Meanwhile in ethanol-based fermentation, our protease solutions can break down proteins, minimizing foaming, and increase the value of your byproducts – all supported by seasoned experts who understand the science – and your business. Enjoy it all. 

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Ingredient applications

Boost efficiency with Maxamyl® P

In industrial fermentation processing, our Maxamyl® P solution increases both production efficiency and the nutritional profile of your end product by removing contaminants like phytic acid and increasing phosphate to create a better-quality end product in higher volumes.

Optimize sucrose fermentation with DSM invertase

Sucrose isn’t directly fermentable by most microorganisms and must first be hydrolyzed to glucose and fructose via a time-and-energy process. By adding our high-performance invertase to your process, the sucrose is hydrolyzed without the need for endogenous enzyme production, potentially shortening fermentation times and increasing yield.

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