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Nutritional and taste solutions that put pets first

From playful puppies and kittens, right up to beloved senior cats and dogs, our extensive ingredients range is here to provide quality nutrition tailored to pets’ needs at every stage of life.

Our versatile portfolio includes everything petfood brands need to keep cats and dogs healthy and happy. Whether you’re looking for bespoke vitamin and mineral premixes, science-backed prebiotic supplements, clever carotenoids, or mouthwatering taste ingredients, our internationally quality-certified range is up to the task.

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Sustainable Omega-3s

Discover our algal-based ingredients for consistent, reliable, and scalable Omega-3s. These essential nutrients support healthy joint and brain development in puppies and kittens as well as enhanced immunity, organ health, and cognition into a pet’s senior years. 

Custom premixes

Harness an unrivalled portfolio of nutritional solutions from the global leader in premix application technology. Including vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, and other functional ingredients, discover how our ingredients can help support your fortification goals. 

Deliciously efficient tastes

Leverage our market-leading knowledge in sensory science and technology with irresistible, taste-enhancing, flavor solutions designed to keep pets happy while also reducing reliance on carbon-intensive animal-based ingredients. 

Happy gut – happy pet

Go ‘beyond the gut’ to unlock a wide range of microbiome-related benefits, including oral, skin and behavioral health. With 100 microbiome specialists working across eight global centers of excellence, we help you craft holistic wellbeing products for pets.

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