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Solutions that boost the eating experience

No matter what the food or beverage, we know that taste and texture is paramount to earning consumer preference (alongside health and sustainability). That’s why our solutions help you achieve outstanding, authentic taste and texture - even in foods that are low in sugar, salt, or fat, or require a longer shelf-life. So, you can enjoy it all.

According to consumer research, one-third of shoppers globally say they prioritize taste and flavor when buying food –more than any other product characteristic1.

Whether you’re developing a sweet, indulgent treat with a creamy texture, or crafting a healthy, fruity snack with a light consistency, it takes high-quality ingredients and deep application expertise to get it right. Our global application and technical experts can help you achieve a win-win through healthier and more sustainable products that don’t compromise on the sensory experience.

1FMCG Gurus. March 2021. Flavor, Color, & Texture Trends in 2021.

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Our solutions in action

Authentic tasting cheese

Appealing to specific local tastes is challenging. That’s why our solutions combine ingredients and expertise to deliver authentic flavor across many different cheese types, worldwide. From cultures, adjunct cultures, and coagulants to our unique Flavor Wheel™ concept, we’ll fine-tune the taste - and get you to market faster.

Great taste in many global cuisines​

Keeping up with global food trends can be dizzying, but demand for great taste and authentic flavor never changes. Our application experts have been quietly perfecting great taste for 30-plus years. For example, our well-known Maxavor® RYE range of flavors has formed the cornerstone of many familiar product formulations.

Fresher-for-longer texture in baking

Shoppers have come to expect baked goods that stay fresher for longer without losing their just-baked taste and texture. Our baking solutions help meet that need by creating soft, flexible tortillas and fresh, moist sandwich bread that retain their sensory appeal and help combat food waste.

Indulgent, creamy yogurt 

Some 91% of global consumers say they like food with a creamy consistency2, and thick, indulgent yogurts are in strong demand. So welcome to our dairy solutions. Built from enzymes, cultures, and hydrocolloids (plus vitamins, minerals, and probiotics), they enable healthy yet decadent yogurts

2FMCG Gurus. March 2021. Flavor, Color, & Texture Trends in 2021.

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