Enhancing nutritional profiles

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Consumers are on the look-out for food and beverages that have great taste, with added ingredients that help them achieve their health goals. Which is why our scientists and experts (application, technical, and regulatory) will partner with you to innovate through our efficient solutions that offer great taste, texture - and health. So, you can enjoy it all.

Based on our own research, the message is clear: people increasingly want foods and beverages with added nutrients. Some 30% of global consumers now eat yogurt with added nutrients, while 23% drink milk with added nutrients.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of micronutrients, we have the bioscience and nutritional science expertise to help you navigate the complex world of nutrients and probiotics. That includes advising on production considerations (like when and how to add ingredients and ensure they remain stable throughout their shelf-life); as well as regulatory strategies for front-of-package claims that you can use and in different regions.

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Our solutions in action

Protein that packs a punch

Plant-based alternatives are increasingly popular for people who want to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. However, many of these options fall short when it comes to protein content - or nutritional value. That’s why our experts developed CanolaPRO® - our unique plant-based protein isolate derived from non-GMO canola (rapeseed).

Health to-go  

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes work. Which is why our application experts and nutritional scientists, developed the #StayStrong yogurt drink - powered by our trademark enzymes, cultures, probiotics, and vitamins. It conveniently incorporates healthy, lactose-free dairy and immunity-supporting micronutrients and probiotics into a daily routine.

Healthier baked goods

Consumers are increasingly seeking a health boost from their food and beverages. We’ll help you meet that need by fortifying baked goods with nutrition, like vitamin D and omega-3. Our application experts ensure the right health and nutrition claims - while maintaining excellent taste, texture, and freshness.

Beverages that do more

Our nutritional premix and coloration solutions for beverages are a popular way to add a nutrition boost. We help you create products with consistent nutrition profiles, differentiated health claims, and optimal color, shade, and stability that delight consumers.

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