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Make haste to less waste

Meeting consumer needs (and your sustainability targets)

Consumers are making conscious efforts to choose more sustainable food and beverage brands, while food manufacturers are striving to make a positive impact on climate change. Our application & technical experts will help you achieve process efficiencies and reduce food loss and waste - so you can achieve your ambitious production and sustainability targets.

According to a recent survey, nearly six in 10 US consumers said it’s important that the foods they buy are produced in an environmentally sustainable way1. We agree. Hence, we work to achieve a world where you don’t have to choose between taste, texture and health - while also reducing demands on the planet’s finite natural resources and reducing our carbon footprint.

Our science-based ingredients, expertise, and solutions boost process efficiencies and reduce loss and waste – in all kinds of ways.

1International Food Information Council, IFIC Food & Health Survey, 2020

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Our solutions in action

Efficient brewing 

Hitting sustainability targets is critical for brewers. We can support you in achieving it by using local raw materials in adjunct brewing; or by skipping a cooling step to accelerate your brewing process. In fact, we’re proven to reduce the carbon footprint of brewing companies by 5-6%.

Increase cheese yield

Now you can increase yield and reduce cheese waste for a more sustainable production process - all with recognizable ingredients. For example, our Maxiren®XDS coagulant enzyme can boost yield by 1.5% while reducing the production carbon footprint by up to 12%.

Extend shelf life, naturally

Extending shelf life is good for consumers, planet – and you. Our natural biopreservatives and application expertise will protect your yogurt against yeast and mold – even during production hiccups or cold breaks in the supply chain. All with no impact on the look, taste or smell of your product.

Efficiently produced lactose-free dairy 

Efficient dairy production is essential to your profitability. But achieving it isn’t an easy job - which is why we developed solutions that enable more efficient production of high-quality, great-tasting dairy products in lactose-free and sugar-reduced dairy. In fact, we can cut your hydrolysis time by 33%.

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