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To feed some 10 billion people by 2050, we need to switch to more sustainable production of key animal proteins - and we need to scale up plant-based protein alternatives. The challenge for you: creating these plant-based foods while maintaining great taste, texture, and health. Which is where our solutions for plant-based meat and dairy alternatives come in.

DSM research shows that in the years ahead, consumers expect to seek out even more plant-based alternatives1. But meeting this need is a technical challenge that requires deep scientific and application knowhow to create the perfect, succulent veggie burger or smooth, appealing dairy alternative.

You can rely on our application experts to work with you (wherever you are) in tackling the most complex technical, sensory, nutritional, and regulatory challenges – all supported by our science-based ingredients, expertise, and solutions. 

1DSM, ‘Future Food Trends’, January 2020

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Our solutions in action

Plant-based meat alternatives​

Whether you’re producing a veggie burger or a plant-based ready-meal, it all starts with great taste and texture, but it doesn’t end there. We’ll help you get the right bite and juiciness - while reducing salt and fat levels with nature-based ingredients.

Plant-based dairy alternatives​

Plant-based alternatives like rice and oat-based drinks are expected to boom. Why not grow with them by using our integrated solutions for optimizing the taste, texture, and sweetness of plant-based drinks - while boosting nutrition to create a premium product.  

Plant-based fish alternatives

Are you looking to capitalize on the growing demand for vegan fish alternatives? Our experts help you optimize taste with our Maxavor® Fish YE (yeast extracts) which brings an authentic fish taste and mouthfeel - with distinct flavor profiles for either rich, oily dark fish or light, white fish.

Plant-based RTD & RTM protein powders 

Whether you are looking to create a delicious yet nutritious RTD/RTM protein powder for weight management; or a high-performance alternative with easy digestibility and a complete amino acid profile; we can help. Our expertise helps you create a product without the lumps and aftertaste that consumers have come to expect.

Boosting plant-based nutrition  

We know that plant-based foods often have lower fat than meat-based equivalents, but did you know that the number of meat alternatives on a nutritional par with their meat counterparts is actually quite small? Allow our Solutions experts to explain (and help you). 

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