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As the plant-based revolution gathers pace and starts conquering the health & sport nutrition segment, we’re seeing subtle yet important differences emerge between different consumer segments. That includes ‘weight managers’ looking for delicious yet nutritious protein; fitness enthusiasts striving for high performance and easy digestibility (without soy); and consumers with sustainability concerns. So how do you meet these needs?

In all cases, ready-to-mix protein powders have the potential to do it. And now, there’s a new plant-based protein that can realize that potential. Derived from the canola (rapeseed) plant, CanolaPRO® enables you to create a product that tastes great without the lumps and grittiness or aftertaste that consumers have come to expect from plant-based protein drinks.

What’s more, our science-backed protein solutions are all supported by an expert DSM team that works side-by-side with you on everything from product development and nutritional science, to regulations and front-of-pack claims. Together we can create sustainable, plant-based ready-to-mix protein powders and ready-to-drink applications without having to choose between taste, texture and health. You can enjoy it all.

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RTM/RTD plant-based alternatives applications

Ready-to-mix protein alternatives

Looking to produce a creamy, smooth protein drink for high performance or weight management that’s comparable to whey – and without lumps? We’ve got you covered.

*webinar facilitated by Nutra Ingredients  

Ready-to-drink protein alternatives

On-the-go protein formats are becoming increasingly popular – not least in the health & wellness segment. That’s why we are here to help you create and market nutritious and delicious products that hit the spot.

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