The highest quality, natural-source β-Carotene

Ideal for ready-to-drink beverages

Produced via our highly advanced fermentation process, our CaroCare® range of carotenoids delivers the highest quality natural-source β-Carotene available today (so pure that it meets USP purity criteria). It’s the ideal solution for use in ready-to-drink beverages that deliver real consumer appeal.

Available in state-of-the-art animal-and allergen-free formulations (Kosther and Halal certified), CaroCare® satisfies the growing demand for natural source ingredients – while offering you compelling formulation advantages.

For example, in ready-to-drink beverages, CaroCare® is easy-to-use, while bringing guaranteed color intensity and superior stability. It’s also available in a vast assortment of color choices that can be formulated into your applications (singly or mixed); and tailor-made to meet your exact product specifications. What else would you expect from the company responsible for the world’s first commercial synthesis of β-Carotene?

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More color choices

From pale lemon yellow to vibrant orange and red, we can provide a vast assortment of color choices. CaroCare® can be formulated into your applications, singly or mixed, to produce a virtually unlimited number of color tones and shades, formulated to meet your needs.

Consistent color quality

CaroCare® helps you maintain uniform color consistency throughout your product line. Whereas certain food dyes and extracts have a tendency to become unstable and fade over time, our carotenoids are stable and far more tolerant to the effects of direct sunlight.

Natural colors with health benefits

β-Carotene is a natural pigment – and the body’s main source of vitamin A. This essential vitamin plays an important role in healthy vision, growth and development and healthy immune function. The antioxidant properties of β-Carotene also help protect vital cell constituents from damage caused by free radicals.

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