Energy-saving brewing solutions that lower your footprint - and costs

With rising energy costs affecting all brewers right now, what can you do tackle this challenge today?

It’s a big question – and not an easy one. As a long-time partner to the brewing industry, we understand first-hand the complexities of producing consistently delicious beer in an energy-hungry business where every brewery has its own unique needs. So, here’s another question:

  • What if we told you that it’s possible to unlock significant energy and cost savings by making just one simple change to your beer stabilization process?
  • Or that with one, easy-to-use adjunct brewing solution you could manufacture using locally sourced ingredients without missing a beat?

With our team of brewmasters, we are helping brewers achieve both these things (and more) their way – every day. So, if you’re looking for a fast, effective and proven way to boost your sustainability and profitability…we invite you to get in touch and put us to the test. Here are just two reasons why.

A proven, natural solution for energy saving

Brewers Clarex® is an established solution for chill haze prevention, used today by 8 out of the top 10 global brewers. In simple terms, this solution enables brewers to skip the deep cooling and rinsing step in the beer stabilization and clarification process and thus reduce both energy & water usage – and cost.

Because Brewers Clarex® is an enzyme, it can simply be added at the start of the fermentation process, with no special equipment or CAPEX needed. It then immediately starts breaking down the proteins that attach to polyphenols to achieve excellent colloidal stability in just four days – thus freeing up valuable brewing capacity.

Not only will this solution reduce your carbon footprint through greater energy savings, it also eliminates the need for undesirable dusty stabilizers traditionally used in the process - like PVPP and silica gel powders (along with the resultant silica waste). And because Brewers Clarex® is a natural liquid, it is very safe and easy to use.

Adjunct brewing means agile brewing

Brewers Clarex® is just one of our solutions for sustainable brewing. Another good example is Brewers Compass®, for adjunct brewing. Here our brewmasters bring their global experience and regional insights to help you adjust your processes to locally sourced ingredients.

For example, using our label-friendly enzymes, the DSM team works with brewers to switch from malted to un-malted brewing grains with no compromise on the taste or texture of the beer - thus enabling the use of 100% local barley instead of expensive imported malted barley. Not only can brewing with 100% un-malted barley result in significant carbon footprint savings, it can boost your brewing capacity - by a potential 25%.

Book a date with our brewmasters!

Ultimately, at DSM Food & Beverage we’ve spent many decades mastering the art of sustainable brewing. Our experts understand first-hand the complexities of producing consistently delicious beer in an energy-hungry business; and the pressures now on brewers to do more with locally sources materials. And of course, we know that every brewery has its own special requirements.

So why not contact us today for a free consultation and trial? Our brewmasters would be delighted to assess your set-up, discuss your unique needs and sustainability goals: and propose a solution that we know will work – because it’s already proven in the marketplace.

We want you and your consumers to enjoy it all.

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Published on

09 March 2023


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