The instantly & totally soluble peptide

For tastier sports nutrition concepts

PeptoPro® is our advanced peptide formulation derived from dairy protein. Virtually lactose-and-fat-free, PeptoPro® is instantly and completely soluble (even in cold water); ideal for creating pleasant-tasting instant powder formulations, drinks, gels and energy bars.

PeptoPro® contains all 20 amino acids needed for muscle protein synthesis. In fact, these molecules are so small, they need no digestion and can be absorbed quickly by the body for instant delivery to the muscle. 

Hence, PeptoPro® has become a recognized brand worldwide, used by many top sports teams, professional athletes - and more importantly, by an ever-growing number of sports enthusiasts. Thanks to its high solubility, you can easily create formulations for different sports nutrition concepts, including endurance, recovery, weight gainer or lean muscle mass gainer. Even pure versions of PeptoPro® can be developed in different flavors that mask the typical bitterness of peptides completely – a real breakthrough.

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