The protein processing enzyme

Less waste, more efficiency

In animal protein processing, our Maxamyl™ solution plays a critical role in helping you processing animal waste streams - and turning them into valuable products that are produced more efficiently – with a higher yield. What’s more, you can achieve all this will less chemical usage. 

Maxamyl™ is a family of protease enzymes that hydrolyzes animal-based protein and peptides, effectively turning them into smaller peptides and/or amino acids. For animal protein optimizers this represents a unique win-win.

On the one hand you can optimize production processes to be faster, more sustainable – and with less waste and higher yield. On the other hand, the quality of your end product also improves, for example through enhanced digestibility and reduced allergenicity. We can ever help you boost flavor. Enjoy it all.

The Maxamyl™ product range

Maxamyl™ BAP

A very aggressive classical protease for fast viscosity reduction and highly effective protein extraction. This tough raw material has very high DoH. 

Maxamyl™ TNP & Maxamyl™ NPU

Aggressive, board-spectrum proteases with neutral pH for fast viscosity reduction, effective protein extraction, and increased protein solubilization – with medium-to-high DoH.

Maxamyl™ AFP

Effective acid protease that meets hydrolysis needs at low pH.

MaxamylTM PSP

A proline specific hydrolysis that reduces bitterness in high-proline containing peptides; functions at low pH.

MaxamylTM FPC

A concentrated protease that functions at neutral pH for deep hydrolysis, reaching very low MW. It reduces bitterness and creates umami flavor.

Collupulin 200

A high-quality papain.

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