Create classic natural vegetable taste

Maxagusto™ creates authentic homestyle kitchen vegetable flavors

Create an authentic garlic taste or ‘just cooked’ fried onion flavor with our new Maxagusto™ range. Based on classic kitchen cupboard ingredients, Maxagusto™ builds unmatched taste intensity and flavor that’s truly evocative of a homemade food.

On the one hand, Maxagusto™ packs a punch with an intense taste and aroma that means you need only low dosages in your applications. On the other hand, it’s a natural and safe product with a very low in-plate count compared to comparable real food ingredients like fried garlic powder.

Maxagusto™ - Tastes Naturally Great!

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The Maxagusto™ product range

Maxagusto™ O

Aromatic fried/roast onion taste.

Maxagusto™ G

Aromatic fried/roast garlic taste.

Maxagusto™ S

Mild roast spice base, peppery taste.

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Our savory ingredients experts are committed to helping the development of flavor ingredients that inspire the creation of innovative products that address also the operational and commercial concerns of food manufacturers. Together with our experts, we can help you optimize your own culinary creations, reduce your dependency on raw materials, and increase your efficiency – all at a lower cost.


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