How can I get more from my Mozzarella

The increasing consumption of mozzarella, means cheesemakers are looking for ways to produce and convert mozzarella as quickly and efficiently as possible. At DSM, our cheese experts have come to their aid with the mozzarella culture, Delvo®Cheese CP-500. It increases yield by up to 1.3%! What’s more, it makes pizzas more stretchy, more tasty … more fun!

“How can I get more from my mozzarella?”

I hear this question being asked by cheese manufacturers all around the world. Why? Because global cheese consumption continues to rise. And mozzarella, thanks to its neutral taste and great characteristics when heated, is one of the most popular cheese types. It’s widely used in the food service and food industry, for products including toppings on ready meals and pizza.

Cheese producers are thus seeking new methods and technologies to expand their mozzarella capacity. They are striving to meet the increasing need for mozzarella in product formats such as shreds, slices and cubes. During the production and conversion process, the key challenge for mozzarella producers is to produce mozzarella with a firm and consistent texture that is easy to process, and with a high moisture level that optimizes yield and therefore profitability.

I work closely with our cheese experts and we all like our mozzarella! So we want to help mozzarella producers improve their yield. We have put our experience and expertise to work to come up with the answer to the question posed above. It’s Delvo®Cheese CP-500, a cheese culture consisting of four phage-robust rotations.

Yield increases by up to 1.3%

So what are the benefits? First off, by using Delvo®Cheese CP-500i, cheesemakers can get up to 1.3% more mozzarella from the same inputs. It achieves this increased yield by packing more moisture into the mozzarella. In fact, it sets a new standard in cheese yield. That’s something we think will be music to many people’s ears.

But increased yield is not the only benefit. The combination of Delvo®Cheese CP-500 and Maxiren®XDS, our fermentation produced chymosin coagulant, leads to improved texture and superior sliceability throughout a long shelf life. Another significant advantage!

Consumers also benefit from Delvo®Cheese CP-500

Finally, here’s a little secret. Our cheese experts and I not only like mozzarella, we are also great fans of pizza! Thanks to our know-how, Delvo®Cheese CP-500 also improves the pizza-eating experience! Consumers will particularly notice an improved stretch and melt behavior, as well as a more buttery taste and less browning.

Do you want to get more from your mozzarella? And improve the pizza-eating experience at the same time? At DSM we’ll be happy to guide and support you with the smooth implementation of Delvo®Cheese CP-500 and Maxiren®XDS in your mozzarella production process. Our value-added services include in-depth application support from our highly experienced global mozzarella experts, our process scan to boost customers’ profitability, and a well-appreciated phage monitoring tool, all to create better cheese.

Just drop me a line and I’ll put you in touch with the right people.

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Published on

03 April 2024