Trust is the #1 ingredient in our quality pet food premixes

Controlled production processes ensure the best for your pet food brand.

As the only manufacturer to produce 11 of 13 essential vitamins, we help nourish the pets we call family. The health and safety of animals is the core of our business. DSM follows a strict quality control process to adhere to food safety standards so pet food manufacturers have confidence in the supply chain and pet owners trust every vitamin, supplement and ingredient in their pets’ diet.

With more than 50 years experience in animal nutrition, we offer the safest and most reliable backward-integrated supply chain, unmatched by any other vitamin premix supplier. With 46 facilities across the globe, investments on a state-of-the-art premix line and 100% automated quality verification, our commitment to the highest standards of quality continues to make us a trusted partner in pet nutrition.

Our 5Q values ensure a higher standard of quality.

DSM follows a strict quality control process — our 5Q Values program — in compliance with food safety standards. 5Q Values are designed to provide exceptional control of product quality and consistency for both single ingredients and premixes. While we manufacture products across the globe, quality and safety are consistent and assured at every point in the manufacturing process.

1. Food safety

We produce nutritional ingredients and supplements for pets and people. Ingredients for animals are produced in the same facilities as those intended for human consumption, ensuring every product has a certificate of analysis and follows the most stringent quality guidelines to ensure food safety.

2. Trusted supply chain

We source quality raw materials from trusted suppliers and verify that each ingredient meets our standards. Ingredients are released for production only after a multi-step process to sample and analyze the quality.

3. Traceability

System checks are set up throughout the entire production process. We track ingredients from the source through delivery to the customer and perform mock recalls to guarantee the effectiveness of our tracking system.

4. Closing the loop

DSM is a world leader in innovation in the animal nutrition industry. We apply our innovative approach to the manufacturing and quality control processes to continually identify and invest in improvements. We have recently invested in a state-of-the-art production line to better meet the need for safe, traceable, quality premixes and blends.

5. Sharing and learning

Our commitment to quality and safety goes beyond checks and balances. It’s a commitment shared by every DSM employee. We make sure everyone is supported with the training and education needed to perform their duties to ensure safe, quality pet food products.

We put our quality values in action.

Value statements and quality policies are only effective when applied. Continued improvements in processes and maintaining important certifications are a key part of how we deliver quality you can trust.

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Published on

06 September 2022


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