Fortifying today’s bakery products with a powerful health punch

Today’s consumers want more from their food – more convenience, more freshness, more sophisticated flavors and textures, and perhaps above all, more healthful ingredients. According to a recent DSM survey, over 70 percent of the consumers are checking product labels before purchasing and are committed to buying products made with familiar ingredients. Beyond familiarity, consumers are also increasingly seeking products formulated with healthier ingredients such as fibers, vitamins and minerals – again, expecting more from their everyday foods. And their favorite loaf of bread is no exception.

This rising demand among consumers to make healthier food choices goes hand-in-hand with their growing awareness of serious health issues, such as cardiovascular disease (on the rise globally across all age groups) and developmental disorders. 

While food isn’t a ‘cure’ on its own, there is an opportunity for bread producers to appeal to consumers’ desire for more healthful products by leveraging ingredients that deliver proven health benefits.

An opportunity for bakery producers to do more

Omega-3 is well-known for its role in promoting eye, brain and heart health. In fact, over 75% of consumers in EMEA are familiar with Omega-3. Yet, only 33% currently take it as a dietary supplement.[1] Enriching bakery products with Omega-3 can help bakeries and producers deliver products that offer health benefits without compromising on the taste consumers are seeking out.

There are three main types of Omega-3 fatty acids, all essential to maintaining good health: ALA, EPA and DHA. ALA (Alpha-linolenic Acid) is sourced primarily from flaxseed and canola, while EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) are sourced primarily from fish and/or algae and are proven to be most beneficial to human health. Both help to maintain heart health and support immunity, while DHA also contributes to healthy brain and vision function.

Including Omega-3 in a healthy diet is endorsed by a wide range of credible health organizations, though naturally, the recommended daily intake varies by age group. Overall, the global Omega-3 market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 7.7% over the next seven-year2.

A ready solution for a wide range of applications

As an innovative partner to the baking industry for 150 years, DSM can work alongside producers of baked goods looking to develop new products that incorporate Omega-3’s healthful benefits. Our wide range of functional ingredients and solutions in baking has expanded to include MEG-3®, a portfolio of clinically proven marine-based natural Omega-3 products for use in foods such as bagels, bread and tortillas. It includes both EPA and DHA to deliver the brain, eye and heart health benefits that are important to consumers, and it is rigorously tested to conform to global quality and purity standards.

Right now you can find products with MEG-3® in over 40 countries, and counting. The ideal applications for MEG-3® in bread and bakery products include fresh white and whole wheat breads and rolls (plus parbaked and frozen varieties as well), bagels and tortillas – mainly products with a short shelf life to ensure freshness. MEG-3® is offered in both powder and oil form, and each has specific benefits depending on application and processing method. Here, DSM’s technical application experts are well-equipped to advise on how to incorporate MEG-3® effectively to ensure the best possible application result.

The know-how to guide through the baking process

Our MEG-3® portfolio compliments DSM’s extensive range of baking enzymes that bread producers can turn to address a variety of challenges – from maintaining freshness in on-the-go applications to ensuring taste and resilience during shelf life to avoid staling and help drive down food waste. Our experienced technical team can help bread producers navigate these challenges and determine the right mix of functional ingredients and solutions like MEG-3® to create products that deliver on texture, freshness and added health benefits.

As consumer interest in getting more healthfulness from their everyday foods continues to rise, it’s an opportune time for bread producers to leverage this trend. 

Enriching bakery products with Omega-3 solutions such as MEG-3® can deliver a powerful punch of health benefits wrapped in the wholesomeness and familiarity of a favorite loaf of bread or roll. And what could taste better than that?

If you’re interested in learning more about enriching your bakery products with the proven health benefits of Omega-3, send me an email and I’ll be happy to talk.

Omega-3: Every Body Needs It!

Omega-3s are considered a healthy fat that is critical to our brain and heart function, as well as our overall well-being. Our bodies cannot produce Omega-3s on its own at significant levels, so as a result, it is essential that we consume this type of fat in our daily diet. Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the most well studied nutrients in the world, with more than 30,000 scientific studies and published papers over the past 35 years demonstrating that Omega-3's can deliver valuable health benefits at every life stage – from before birth and into your senior years.

1 Global Health Concerns Study, DSM, 2019

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Published on

14 November 2020