Most gluten-free bread consumers also buy regular bread

Consumption of gluten-free bread is on the rise worldwide, with many markets seeing ‘gluten-free’ moving from the margins into the mainstream in recent years. But what do consumers think of the gluten-free options on their supermarket shelves? 

Until now, gluten-free bread has been the choice of people who have a strict allergy or intolerance. Today, our research shows that more people are choosing gluten-free as part of a healthier lifestyle. 

Only a minority of gluten-free consumers eat solely gluten-free bread in their diets, meaning gluten-free bread competes with regular bread for a share of the shopping basket—and is more likely to be compared directly in terms of taste, texture, and price.

DSM conducted a survey with 1,000 gluten-free bread consumers in the UK and the USA, and learned that the way to satisfy consumers’ appetites for healthier, easier-to-digest bread is to provide gluten-free products with the same taste, appeal, and variety of the regular options.

Gluten-free consumers report buying regular bread as well

We asked consumers of gluten-free bread: Do you eat mostly gluten-free bread or regular bread, or a mix of the two?

DSM Solution

DSM’s baking enzymes for gluten-free bread enable softer, moister gluten-free bread.

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Published on

30 September 2018