On World Baking Day, a message of unity

Each year, World Baking Day is a welcome opportunity to celebrate the industry, take stock of trends and imagine what the future might have in store. This year, it is admittedly more difficult to look far into the future given the challenges we face right now. But at DSM, we believe fiercely in our industry’s ability to adapt, to innovate, and to step through these challenges together.

Already, collective resilience and flexibility is enabling the industry to keep moving forward. Supply chain partners have pivoted quickly to maintain an available food supply, and each day industry players overcome transport issues and production hurdles to ensure customer needs are met. The pandemic still triggers border shutdowns and logistics ‘ripple effects’ that require continuous problem-solving.

Now we face the war in Ukraine and its compounding impact on ingredient availability (flour and sunflower oil), volatile material costs (ascorbic acid, DATEM, lecithin, SSL), labor and the supply chain. There is no quick-fix, and there are both short—and long-term consequences to navigate. Identifying alternative (and less costly) raw materials and ingredients while optimizing baking processes still maintaining quality, and slashing waste by maximizing the freshness of baked goods, are urgent priorities.

The link between food and health

Despite all of this instability, one constant that remains is consumer demand for nutritious foods. They are increasingly mindful of the connection between their diet and overall health and wellness and look to everyday food and drink to provide a healthful boost. Worth noting is that 64% of consumers indicated that, over the past 12 months, they have become more interested in learning more about the influence of food on their health1, while food and beverage products with immunity claims grew by roughly 28% from 2019 to 20212.

“These trends point to the fact that delivering nutritious foods to the world’s population is more important than ever. In doing so we have many opportunities to navigate. As a key partner to customers in the baking industry, DSM is committed to delivering sustainable solutions in taste, texture and health – whether for improving nutritional value, flour quality or strategies that enhance your baking performance.” –Kjeld van de Hoef, Business Director BBCI, DSM

Doing our part in a changing world

These global market dynamics impact spare no one. Our industry’s interconnectedness means we share and feel the weight of these challenges. But it also means we can work together, not alone, to find a successful path forward, fueled by our collective strength and persistence.

At DSM we’ve been working to do our part, increasing our efforts in transport efficiencies such as packaging and loading, and using logistics forecasting and pre-booking with good results.

We’re also working hand-in-hand with local and international bakers and millers to optimize their baking processes, including dough handling, stability, tolerance, gluten strengthening, prolonging freshness or simplifying labels and less sustainable ingredients. 

Across the industry these kinds of measures are helping us to tackle challenges as a united front. We can and should celebrate the work already being done. Together, we can navigate these trying times and fulfill our shared purpose.


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Published on
16 May 2022

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