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DSM puts spotlight on new biopreservation solutions at IFT

Delft, NL, 23 May 2019 10:00 CEST

Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in nutrition, health and sustainable living, will be showcasing its complete portfolio of biopreservation solutions at IFT 2019. Effectively combating spoilage, DSM’s range enables dairy, beverage and baking manufacturers to extend the shelf life of their products in a natural way, while maintaining the high-quality texture and taste that consumers expect. DSM is a pioneer in biopreservation and anti-oxidant solutions and its broad product portfolio serves the dairy, baking and beverage industries.

More health-aware and always on-the-go, today’s consumers seek convenient foods that stay fresh for longer and are produced with natural, easily recognizable ingredients. In line with this trend, “No additives/preservatives” is the single largest claim across all new launches in the food category according to Mintel1. At IFT, DSM will showcase an “on-the-go” yogurt prototype created with DSM’s Delvo®Guard protective cultures. This culture range can help dairy producers meet consumer demand for clean labels and a longer shelf life at both ambient and chilled temperatures, maintaining product freshness and unique taste and texture characteristics.

Natural preservation can be a particular challenge for on-the-go concepts, which need to maintain optimum characteristics and appeal even when no longer refrigerated, for example in people’s bags, cars or lunchboxes. DSM has performed a variety of new challenge tests for the yogurt category, including at a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius (70F). Results showed that Delvo®Guard is the best performing protective culture and can extend the expiration date of a sweet yogurt at ambient temperatures by up to two weeks. In addition, Delvo®Guard enables dairy manufacturers to preserve yogurt more effectively and for longer in warmer climates, where cool transport options are limited, without affecting taste or appearance. DSM’s range of biopreservation solutions also includes protective enzymes and fermentation-based solutions with Nisin and Natamycin for dairy, baking and beverage applications.

Roughly one third – approximately 1.3 billion tons – of the food produced for human consumption globally is lost or wasted every year2. Extending the shelf life of products by just one day could prevent 0.2 million tons of household food waste3. With consumers more environmentally-conscious than ever before, this puts the food industry under increasing pressure to tackle the issue. With 30 percent of food wasted because it is past its best-before date4, DSM’s biopreservation solutions offer a sustainable way forward. Sustainability is a core value at DSM and its experts are passionate about creating innovative, appealing solutions that help prevent food spoilage and that consumers can enjoy.

DSM’s complete biopreservation portfolio draws on DSM’s scientific capabilities, in-depth understanding of microbiology and fermentation, application expertise and 150 years’ experience in bringing healthier, tastier, and more sustainable and cost-effective products to market fast. To find out more, visit booth 3729 at IFT 2019.

1) Mintel database 2014-2018

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