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dsm-firmenich launches Maxilact®Next – the market’s fastest pure lactase enzyme for more efficient lactose-free dairy production

Kaiseraugst (Switzerland), Heerlen (Netherlands), May 23, 2023

dsm-firmenich, innovators in nutrition, health and beauty today launch Maxilact®Next – the latest addition to its highly-valued range of Maxilact® lactase enzymes. The new solution is the most efficient and pure lactase now available on the market. Maxilact®Next is around 25% faster than the former fastest market reference utilized for milk processing, reducing the hydrolysis time by 25% when dosed at the same level. Maxilact®Next empowers lactose-free dairy producers to optimize production, increase capacity and use raw materials more efficiently – all without affecting the taste of lactose-free applications. It joins the existing Maxilact® range, an extensive portfolio of high-purity solutions based on the company’s more than 50 years’ experience leading lactose-free dairy production.

Unlocking potential in the lactose-free dairy market

With 70% of consumers worldwide unable to properly digest lactose, lactose-free products are vital for ensuring everyone can fully enjoy great tasting, nutritious dairy products. Forecasts predict that lactose-free dairy will achieve a CAGR more than double that of regular dairy between 2022 and 2026, eventually exceeding a value of €10.6 billion. This creates fresh opportunities for dairy producers while also emphasizing the need for a swifter and more efficient production process. Manufacturers require first-class lactase solutions to optimize their raw material usage, increase yield and productivity and maintain the highest quality standards.

“We’re proud to introduce Maxilact®Next to the market – the fastest, purest, most efficient lactase enzyme solution currently available,” comments Rodolfo Garza, Global Business Development Manager Milk & Plant-Based Alternatives at dsm-firmenich. “In the current market context, efficiency is crucial to keep up with demand and stay cost effective. Our Maxilact® range delivers optimized capacity without significant capex investment while maintaining the high quality that consumers expect. Maxilact®Next is a great example of a game-changing lactase solution which truly addresses a market pain point.”

Strengthening a world-leading portfolio

dsm-firmenich’s extensive selection of Maxilact® enzymes along with its portfolio of cultures, probiotics, vitamins, minerals and more allows manufacturers to produce lactose-free products that are not only more efficient but also more delicious and nutritious, catering to the ever-expanding global consumer base.

Partnering with dsm-firmenich means unlocking expert support across the entire dairy value chain. From R&D to marketing and regulatory support, we create innovative and tailored solutions for regional market preferences. With dsm-firmenich, manufacturers’ visions become a reality – quickly, smoothly, and sustainably.     

To discover more about the capabilities of Maxilact®Next, visit LINK

About dsm-firmenich

As innovators in nutrition, health, and beauty, dsm-firmenich reinvents, manufactures, and combines vital nutrients, flavors, and fragrances for the world’s growing population to thrive. With our comprehensive range of solutions, with natural and renewable ingredients and renowned science and technology capabilities, we work to create what is essential for life, desirable for consumers, and more sustainable for the planet. dsm-firmenich is a Swiss-Dutch company, listed on the Euronext Amsterdam, with operations in almost 60 countries and revenues of more than €12 billion. With a diverse, worldwide team of nearly 30,000 employees, we bring progress to life™ every day, everywhere, for billions of people.

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