Baking enzymes for cake

Cake that looks and tastes great at lower costs

Many consumers today crave special moments of indulgence more than ever before. As cakes are all about indulgence, we offer a range of baking enzymes that improve cake quality - creating delicious, oven-fresh cake while offering predictable results and consistency at lower costs.

Achieving consistent quality with every cake batch at minimum cost is not easy. On top of this, bakers face an ongoing quest to produce a softer crumb, better mouthfeel and consistency, while extending shelf life also plays a crucial role. 

At DSM, we understand the challenges cake manufacturers and bakers face every day. Therefore, we have used our extensive experience, consumer & customer insights and scientific knowhow to develop baking enzymes that unlock the unique taste of cakes, muffins and pound cake.  Take a look at CakeZyme® Smart, our baking enzyme that is specially developed to offer consumers an indulgent experience while meeting bakers’ needs to keep the costs under control. 

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Cost-effective baking enzymes that help to improve batter viscosity, cake volume and crumb structure. 

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