Improve cake quality with enzymes

CakeZyme® improves quality and shelf life while cutting costs

More and more cake manufacturers across the world are discovering the cost-cutting, quality-improving and shelf life-extending potential of enzymes. 

Our enzymes are natural, easy to use, proven to work effectively – and have no effect on the delicious taste of your product. What’s more, CakeZyme® improves cake crumb structure, enabling manufacturers to create finer, more consistent cakes. From pound cake to muffins, high ratio and sponge cake, you can create a consistent high-quality product and reduce reliance on raw materials – like eggs - by using our CakeZyme® range.

Not only do baking enzymes like CakeZyme® produce a soft cake with more volume; they also make the cake softer and fresher for longer, thus appealing to consumers’ growing desire to avoid food waste and get the very best value from food. In fact, tests prove that cakes made with our enzymes have crumb softness equivalent to a freshly baked cake that lasts for two to three months.

Optimize costs

Drives cost reduction.

Delicious crumbs

Improves cake crumb structure.

Shelf life

Makes cake softer and fresher for longer.

Reduces raw materials

Reduces the reliance on raw materials such as eggs.


Natural, easy to use and proven to work effectively.

Enhance cake quality with CakeZyme® Smart

CakeZyme® Smart uses advanced lipase technology to improve the emulsifying properties of egg lecithin, optimizing egg usage plus lowering raw ingredient and handling costs. It allows you to achieve higher levels of aeration during mixing, which increases batter viscosity, cake volume and crumb structure. 

CakeZyme® Smart helps maintain emulsion stability and batter viscosity during baking allowing for a heat stability that is 10-20ºC higher than in standard cake recipes. This results in higher oven spring and enhanced cake volume.

CakeZyme® Smart improves crumb softness when added to batter. Its unique action delays starch retrogradation, resulting in a softer crumb which makes cakeZyme® Smart particularly suitable for pound cake and muffin formulations.

Fresher cake for longer with CakeZyme® Majestic

To save time and money, consumers are shopping less often than ever before. Cakes that retain a soft texture and fine crumb structure for longer can help shoppers reduce waste and stretch budgets further. To bake cakes with freshness that lasts longer, bakers need to delay the onset of crumb firmness. CakeZyme® Majestic is the answer. CakeZyme® Majestic combines lipase and amylase technology to produce cakes that maintain oven-fresh qualities over an extended shelf life.


CakeZyme® Smart – a reliable, cost-effective solution for enhancing cakes’ quality.

CakeZyme® Sublime

With CakeZyme® Sublime you can make softer, longer-lasting cakes at a competitive price.

CakeZyme® Majestic

CakeZyme® Majestic combines lipase and amylase technology to produce cakes that maintain oven-fresh qualities over an extended shelf life.

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