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At DSM, we’re a leader in innovating enhanced beverage products to meet evolving consumer needs. Our vitamins, lipids, carotenoids and nutraceutical solutions for energy drinks and fortified waters is complemented by experts who can help reduce complexity in your value chain and increase production efficiency. We even provide market insights and brand support to help position your next product for success.

Our health benefit solutions for energy drinks & fortified water will give your next product a competitive edge by addressing major consumers' health and lifestyle needs. That includes energizing the body to expand its limits – by addressing muscle function, endurance and recovery, as well as heart, mind, eye and joint health.

We also offer health essentials for women & men – including energy and endurance, weight management, heart, mind, eye and joint health; as well as supporting healthy skin, hair and nails from within - for both women and men.


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Energy drinks & fortified water portfolio

Quali® vitamins

We can support a wide range of health benefits in your enhanced beverages with - with our Quali®-A, Quali®-C, Quali®-D, and Quali®-E vitamins.

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