Profit more from your hard seltzer production

Reduce fermentation time by up to 50%

With the popularity of hard seltzers surging, brewers need solutions for operational flexibility and increased capacity and yield. DSM’s integrated portfolio of enzyme solutions and yeast extracts enable brewers to overcome these challenges.

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Maxinvert® reduces fermentation time by 50% in sucrose based hard seltzers

Because sucrose is not directly fermentable, brewers are forced to wait – for up to two days in some cases – to access fermentable sugars for hard seltzer production.

Maxinvert® is a unique invertase enzyme solution that hydrolyzes sucrose to fructose and glucose, providing fermentable sugars at the very beginning of production. This reduction in fermentation time leads to increased production capacity and an overall reduction in process time. Maxinvert® also enables increased alcohol levels at the end of fermentation, which brewers can translate into higher yield.

Yeast Extracts for Efficient Fermentation

Ideally, all-malt wort has necessary components for a successful fermentation: Sugars, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. However these elements are completely absent in a sugar wort. Addition of yeast extracts can help to overcome this by continually facilitating consistent fermentations. Our high quality, highly viable yeast strain such as Gistex® and Gistex® LS Ferm is ideal for hard seltzer fermentation. It also ensures a cleaner flavor profile with fewer off notes.

Amigase® Mega (Amyloglucosidase) for dextrose-based Hard Seltzers

Amigase® Mega is an enzyme solution that breaks down complex sugars from raw materials into fermentable glucose​.

It also increases attenuation degree and alcohol levels, resulting in higher production capacity​ during production.

Brewers who want to produce low calorie alcoholic beverages require a controlled or complete hydrolysis of starch and dextrins to fermentable glucose. Traditional brewing methods permit only 75 to 80% hydrolysis of starch present in the grain raw material. AMIGASE® MEGA L Amyloglucosidase permits total hydrolysis of dextrins to fermentable glucose, from all types of starch.

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