The craft revolution in brewing

Who is drinking craft beer, and what do they look for in their brew? The DSM Global Insights Series surveyed craft beer drinkers in 7 countries to find out.

The market for craft beer has grown enormously in recent years—most notably in the US but also in Europe and Central and South America. DSM’s new report looks at what’s driving this trend for consumers, and how brewers can think about the future of craft beer. With 80% of consumers saying they will continue to try different styles of beer, it looks like craft beer is here to stay. 

"We knew the market was growing, but this shows that it's positively booming."
Joana Carneiro | Business Director Beverages

We surveyed 3,300 craft beer drinkers, the majority of who (80%) say they don't believe craft beer is just a passing fad. Craft beer drinkers love to experience the wide variety of craft beer on offer, and a full 75% say taste, above everything else including price, is what drives their purchase decision. And looking to the future, half (50%) of consumers we surveyed say that believe craft beer is more sustainable, and that a sustainable product is more attractive—a trend we believe will only grow in the coming years. 

DSM Solution

DSM's Brewers Clarex® simplifies stabilization, helping breweries to increase capacity and even differentiate their range with gluten-free varieties. 

Food Fact

In the US, craft beer consumption has grown by 500% in the last decade and quadrupled market share.

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Published on

11 September 2019