Maxavor® Fish YE wins Food Ingredients Europe 2021:

Plant-based innovation category

DSM’s Maxavor® Fish YE wins Food Ingredients Europe: Plant-based innovation category

DSM is proud to announce that its Maxavor® Fish YE flavor solution won the Plant-Based Innovation award at Fi Europe’s Innovation Awards 2021. With two DSM products (Maxavor® Fish YE and Delvo®Plant enzymes) making it to the final in the plant-based category, DSM demonstrated its expertise and dedication to the plant-based movement and its ongoing commitment to people and the planet.

Answering today’s growing appetite for vegan fish flavors, DSM’s range of Maxavor® Fish YE process flavors is natural, sustainable and meets vegan, Kosher and Halal requirements, making it suitable for a range of label claims. Derived from algal oil, the Maxavor® Fish YE solution helps to build authentic fish flavors in plant-based fish alternative products, including vegetarian fish nuggets and vegan fish sauce. Maxavor® Fish YE enables producers to emulate the body, mouthfeel and taste of distinct fish varieties and offers two taste profiles: one for rich and oily dark fish and another for fresh, light and fleshy white fish. Since its launch in March 2021, the flavor solution has been used globally across a range of applications including vegan fish ready meals, vegan canned fish, vegan flavor blends and more.

Gilbert Verschelling, Director Business Development & Innovation at DSM comments: “We are extremely proud to be taking home this award and would like to thank the judges for recognizing Maxavor® Fish YE as a leading solution. The plant-based category remains extremely dynamic and competitive, so having two plant-based products in the finals is a real testament to our fantastic team of experts and reinforces our position at the forefront of the industry. We will continue to provide customers with market leading innovations and support the plant-based movement with our expertise and next level technology. DSM is committed to reaching 150 million people with nutritious, sustainable plant-based protein foods by 2030 and Maxavor® Fish YE, along with the rest of our plant-based portfolio, will help us to achieve this. Looking ahead, we are also investing in canola-based protein to enhance a wide range of vegan and vegetarian products – from meat and dairy alternatives to popular beverages.”


For more information on DSM’s Maxavor® Fish YE flavor and our extensive portfolio of plant based solutions for meat and fish alternatives, visit our Maxavor® page.

Published on

06 December 2021