Let’s make plant-based dairy alternatives irresistible

Alongside traditional dairy, the market for plant-based, vegetarian and vegan dairy alternatives is booming! There are two main reasons for this. One is the perceived, naturally healthy and sustainable appeal of plant-based dairy alternatives. Another is that consumers want to try something new. Dairy and (plant-based) beverage manufacturers throughout the world are therefore rushing to develop, launch and promote their ranges of plant-based dairy.

The manufacturing challenges of plant-based dairy alternatives

It’s not plain sailing though. Dairy alternatives manufacturers face complex challenges in product development when it comes to taste, texture, mouthfeel, sweetness, and hitting consumer preference. For example, take drinks based on starch, such as oat drinks. The starch first needs to be liquefied (to make it more soluble). Then the natural sweetness needs to be unlocked in a second saccharification step. Both steps are necessary to deliver the right taste, texture, mouthfeel and sweetness.

An additional complexity is consumers’ (regional) sweetness preference. When I travel to the north of Europe, I’m aware that consumers prefer less sweetness compared to their southern European counterparts. Using the natural differences in sweetness of for example glucose (more sweet) and maltose (less sweet) can help deliver the perfect sweetness for a specific target region.

The challenge of a high-quality nutritional profile

For many people around the world, dairy has a wholesome and healthy appeal and is an aspirational part of a balanced diet as a source of protein, calcium and other micro- and macro-nutrients. For consumers who want to include plant-based drinks as part of a healthy and nutritious diet, the fact that unfortified dairy alternatives are, in some cases, lower in nutritional value than traditional dairyi, could prove a stumbling block. 44% of the consumers globally who use oat drinks would like them to contain vitaminsii. Cereal-based drink manufacturers have an additional challenge: they may want to reduce gluten in their drinks.

DSM’s Delvo®Plant portfolio of enzymes for plant-based dairy alternatives

At DSM we’ve addressed many of these challenges head-on. Our dairy experts have developed the Delvo®Plant range of enzymes for optimizing the taste, texture and sweetness of plant-based drinks.

These enzymes, in combination with the wider DSM portfolio for plant-based dairy alternatives, offer a unique variety of benefits, from increasing the solubility of protein and reducing viscosity to improving mouthfeel and unlocking the natural sweetness of raw materials like rice, soy and oats. By helping to deliver an appealing dairy alternative experience, the Delvo®Plant enzymes allow brands to develop winning cereal- and non-cereal-based drinks that will ensure today’s conscious consumers keep coming back for more.


Part of our expanding portfolio of solutions for dairy alternatives

The introduction of the Delvo®Plant range completes DSM’s wider portfolio of integrated solutions that help manufacturers develop and market premium dairy alternatives. Alongside the Delvo®Plant enzymes, it features GELLANEER™ hydrocolloidsModuMax® taste modulation solution, Quali® vitamins, and DSM premix solutions for plant-based drinks and yogurts. This is complemented by DSM’s expert services, including local formulation, application, technical and sales support.

DSM can support your plant-based dairy plans

The market for plant-based dairy alternatives is clearly growing. Give your plant-based dairy alternatives the right appeal with DSM’s unique solutions for dairy alternatives. We'll help you create tastier, sweeter products with a satisfying texture – and packed with all the nutrients that consumers want. You’ll also be supported every step of the way by our plant-based experts. Contact us so we can talk with you about how we can support your specific plant-based dairy alternatives plans. Or read more on Delvo®Plant here

i https://www.consumentenbond.nl/gezond-eten/melkvervangers
ii FMCG Gurus Dairy Survey Q3 2019 N= 45,000. Q: When choosing what to eat, what product attributes are important when deciding what product to have in? Please select all that apply.

Give your plant-based drinks the right appeal

Whether you’re developing oat-based or soy-based drinks or even other dairy alternatives, our portfolio of solutions enriches nutritional value, improves texture and adds mouthfeel. Download the leaflet to read more and give your plant-based drinks the right appeal. 

Our experts are always ready to help you

Published on
10 June 2022

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