Egg processing

Superior product quality with optimized processing

We’ve got it cracked!

Our solutions for egg processing don’t just enable you to boost the texture of egg yolk-based products like mayonnaise and sauces. They also bring superior control, faster optimization and reduced cost to your production process –supported by our expert partner, Sanovo. Enjoy it all. 

If you’re looking to reduce the costs of egg-yolk processing or create "light" products, look no further than our easy-to-use Maxapal™ A2 enzyme solution. It modifies egg yolks and boosts the emulsion properties of related products like mayonnaise by converting the lecithin in eggs into lysolecithin – also delivering high viscosity and exceptional heat stability and shelf life. 

It’s all supported by the experts at Sanovo - the world largest supplier of equipment to the egg industry. 

Ingredient applications

Boost egg yolk emulsion with Maxapal™ A2

Discover the science behind this unique enzyme-based solution that helps you create a higher quality product at lower cost.

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