Increase volume, boost taste

Making wine divine!

Enzymes have always played a critical role in wine production. That’s why we offer you one of the best and longest established enzyme-based ingredient solutions in the industry: Rapidase®. Through our expert partner, Oenobrands - who provide a whole family of complementary oenological solutions that can increase volume, boost wine taste and improve its stability when bottled. Enjoy it all. 

Whether you’re producing bulk or super premium wines, our enzymes, wine yeasts and natural fermentation aids are proven to improve both the winemaking process – and your final product.

It’s all based on science developed by our winemaking experts in close collaboration with leading oenological universities and institutes; and delivered in partnership with Oenobrands and their highly qualified team of experts – who work hand-in-hand with winemakers to evaluate and optimize your performance.  

Ingredient applications

Winning solutions for winemaking

For detailed information on winemaking portfolio and applications, please visit our partner Oenobrand’s website.

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