DSM Food Specialties

We believe food should be healthier, tastier, and more sustainable

Enabling better food for everyone

DSM provides specialty enzymes, cultures, probiotics, bio-preservation, sugar reduction and savory taste solutions to the food and beverage industry. Our ingredients and solutions enable our customers to make healthier and more sustainable consumer products. We are passionately driven to partner with our customers to create food choices that people around the world can truly enjoy, whatever the local preference. We believe that better processed food should be affordable and accessible to more people, today and in the future. Our specialty ingredients enable better food for everyone, and by better, we mean better tasting, more affordable, more nutritious, more variety, produced efficiently with less resources & waste, with a longer shelf life and produced with fewer chemicals.

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Our markets


DSM offers baking enzymes, preservation systems and ingredient solutions for baked goods with less salt, acrylamide, additives and emulsifiers and gluten-free bread. DSM has deeply invested in research to help improve your baking.


DSM offers a range of specialty enzymes, taste modulation, and biopreservation ingredients. Our beverage solutions improve efficiency and help producers gain control of their process while producing great-tasting, high-quality and sustainable beverages for consumers.


DSM can help shape your dairy with our cultures, enzymes, cheese ripening & biopreservation solutions and residual antibiotic milk tests to produce cheese, fermented milk products and (lactose-free) milk that consumers enjoy. 


DSM produces savory taste solutions for a wide range of applications such as soups and bouillons, noodles, snacks and sauces, ready meals, meat and meat analogues. DSM's portfolio offers savory ingredients and solutions that are natural, kosher and halal certified.

Sustainability is our core value

Sustainability is at the heart of our company and our innovation strategy.