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Why 2024 is looking just peachy for gummy lovers

Some people like the green gummies; others the orange ones; and of course, the red ones are always popular – especially if they are real-red. But when it comes to consumers’ love for their gummies…could there be a different color - and flavor – finding favor this year? We think so…

At dsm-firmenich we know that consumers often ‘eat with their eyes’ – especially in the world of confectionery, where color perception often drives flavor expectation. For 2024, the Pantone Color of the Year was named as #Peachfuzz. In the words of the global color authority: “This soft, heartfelt hue expresses the desire to nurture kindness, compassion, and connection—all while fostering a deep coziness as we seek a peaceful future.”

This in turned triggered our own experts to start thinking how our own natural colorants contribute to this trend; as well as chewing over the flavors most likely to tickle the tastebuds this year. Following deep analysis of emerging signals in the cultural and consumer landscape by our Foresight & Trenz team, our 2024 Flavor of the Year was announced as Peach+. 

For one of the oldest fruits in the world, with a 4,000 year-old history of cultivation and counting, this marks a new chapter for this remarkable fruit – which is now available in 400 different farmed varieties. Gummies that look and taste like real peach. Sound good? If so, read on…

The power of peach: getting the color right

Let’s start with appearance. Today, our family of natural colorants - otherwise known as carotenoids - are used by confectionery manufacturers to deliver 100% non-artifical color to gummies, with no ringing, creaming up, or color fading over time. Why not peach?

Of course, there are different shades of peach – with hints of pink or perhaps orange. No matter which particular shade of peach you need, we have a colorant to deliver it. For example, redivivo (r) Lycopene is a dsm-firmenich colorant found in tomatoes and fruits. It’s reddish-peach vibes are ideal for use in gummies – and compared to certain natural pigments, offers exceptional ease-of-use and superior color stability.

Don’t forget the Plus

Our flavor of the year is not just peach; it’s Peach+ and you may be asking what does that mean? The ‘plus’ is an invitation to think outside the peach tonality itself and explore how this evergreen flavor can bring a nutritional benefit to gummies that drives consumer preference.

This is where our colorant solutions can add a completely new dimension to gummies. For example, our beta-carotene not only delivers a vibrant, on-trend peach color; it’s also an antioxidant that the human body converts into vitamin A to support healthy skin, eye health and immune system – a real plus!

Savor the flavor

Ultimately, any gummy needs to deliver on its attractive color with an appetizing taste. Here our Peach+ flavor solutions can bring a whole new dimension to the gummy. Indulgent and pampering, refreshing and revitalizing, youthful but also nostalgic…peach flavor has a unique power.

For our customers, we therefore see a golden opportunity to innovate by going beyond the traditional juicy sweet aspects of gummies to also consider the softer, smoother, lighter, more refreshing, textural elements that all the latest consumer research points towards.

Our experts can work with you to pinpoint both the ideal peach taste and color that appeals to sweet-toothed consumers. So, if you’d like to know more about how we could work together to create peachy gummies that taste as good as they look, why not get in touch?

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04 April 2024

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