DSM at the Craft Brewers Conference

At this year’s Craft Brewers Conference, which takes place from 11 – 14 April in the US, DSM presents its portfolio of unique brewing enzymes that help craft brewers reduce water, save energy and produce great tasting craft beer.

The Craft Revolution in Brewing

The market for craft beer is definitely booming and, in the US, alone there are more than 6,000 craft breweries. Consumption has grown by 500% and quadrupled its market share in the past decade.

For breweries to stay at the forefront of innovation, DSM offers Brewers Clarex® which allows brewers to skip the deep cooling and rinsing step in the beer stabilization and clarification process, which saves energy and water. With this simple change, brewers can cut their carbon footprint by 5-6%, reduce water use by 1%, and tally energy cost savings up to €70,000 per 1 million hectoliters of beer produced.

Visit our booth #21133 to learn more about Brewers Clarex® and our portfolio of unique brewing enzymes so that you can stay on top of your game. And, don’t forget to pick up your free brewing literature the ‘Guide to Brewing Enzymes for Craft Brewers’.

Want to read more about The Craft Revolution in Brewing? Download our report here.