Maxadjunct™ ß L

Brew high quality beers with diverse adjuncts up to 100%

Consumers increasingly pay attention to what goes into their beer

1New DSM research, which surveyed 20,000 consumers across 20 countries to understand current and emerging consumer needs in the brewing space, found that people are increasingly interested in what goes into their beer. For instance, 54% of respondents reported being heavily influenced by ingredient claims, while 39% of people are looking for beer produced with locally sourced raw materials.  

Today’s brewer is under increasing pressure to maximize brewing capacity, speed up the process, reduce waste and beer losses, improve flexibility to brew with local raw materials and do all of this whilst delivering the same high quality beer.

MaxadjunctTM ß L is DSM’s latest innovation for brewing with adjuncts, allowing breweries flexibility to use a wide variety of local raw materials and skip cereal cooking because it enables liquefaction and saccharification of starch in adjuncts even up to 80°C. This can increase brew house capacity by as much as 25%* and reduce mash cycle time up to 20% making it a highly sustainable solution.

*Reliant on brewery setup

1DSM, brewing consumer insights report, Q3 2019.

Skip Cereal Cooking & Increase Brewhouse Capacity*

MaxadjunctTM ß L enables liquefaction and saccharification of starch in adjuncts up to 80°C

*Reliant on brewery setup

Predictable and targeted attenuation

Even with different cereals, desired sugar profile can be achieved.

Brew high quality beers with diverse adjuncts even up to 100%

Flexibility to achieve RDF/ADF targets with available local raw materials to control costs.

Meet sustainability targets

16-20% CO2 footprint reduction in beer production.

Energy savings (no need to boil mash in cereal cooker & shorten mash cycle time by 20%)

  • Facilitates effective gelatinization and liquefaction of adjuncts with high gelatinization in mash tun
  • Facilitates saccharification, releases more maltose
  • For effective gelatinization and liquification of adjuncts with high gelatinization temperatures in cereal cooker
  • Mimic the diastatic power of malted barley to ensure effective gelatinization and liquefaction in barley brewing
  • Release sufficient FAN (free amino nitrogen) in barley brewing  to facilitate fermentation 
  • Supports effective saccharification, releases mainly glucose. 
  • Also used in fermentation to achieve very high attenuation levels
  • Support saccharification during mashing, mainly releasing maltose. 
  • Also used in fermentation
  • Reduce viscosity for efficient wort and beer filtration for different brewing recipes
  • Release sufficient FAN (free amino nitrogen) with high percentages of adjuncts to facilitate fermentation

Lower costs and achieve sustainability targets for brewing with adjuncts 

DSM’s adjunct brewing enzymes improve breweries’ flexibility to use local raw materials, save costs, optimize technological processes and work more sustainably.