Cultures for indulgent fermented milk products

Delvo®Fresh cultures for each type of fermented dairy

Our Delvo®Fresh dairy cultures provide the flexibility to create low fat, low sugar indulgent yogurts and desserts, with authentic tasting dairy products and more creamy, flavorful fermented applications out of the same amount of milk. 

Our Delvo®Fresh cultures each have their own distinct properties and benefits - enabling you to distinguish on yogurt taste, texture, appearance and melt based on the preferences of your consumers – and all with the cleanest label possible.

The Delvo®Fresh palette of cultures allows innovations with no compromise on performance or quality of taste and mouthfeel. And all this is supported by a knowledgeable global DSM team that understands yogurt - and the dairy market - inside out.


Create healthy fresh dairy with reduced sugar and fat.

Taste and texture

A solution for every desired taste and texture.

High quality

High quality cultures for high quality dairy products.

Cost effective

Increase dairy product output with the same milk and no compromise on quality.

Global application support

Benefit from support from our global application experts.

Delvo®Fresh cultures for drinkable and stirred yogurts

DSM’s portfolio of Delvo®Fresh cultures are blends of cultures specially developed for stirred and drinkable yogurts. Whatever type of post-acidification, flavor, texture or mouthfeel you prefer, we deliver the perfect culture!

Delvo®Fresh cultures for set yogurts

The portfolio of Delvo®Fresh cultures for set yogurts is specially developed for fermentation directly in the final pot.

Delvo®Fresh cultures for high-protein yogurts

This portfolio is specially developed for high-protein stirred yogurts with high level of proteins (usually around 8%), often known as Greek style yogurts. For example, we can help you create a thick, high-protein yoghurt with an authentic flavor as well as enhance the sweetness and creaminess in a high-fat indulgent yogurt, all based on your own unique production environment.

NEW: Delvo®Fresh YS-140, for very creamy, mild-tasting yogurts

To meet the demand for indulgent, creamy and mild tasting yogurts, DSM adds a new culture to its proven range of Delvo®Fresh cultures for stirred yogurts: Delvo®Fresh YS-140 creates the pleasant creaminess and mild taste that modern consumers love.

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