Savory brands

Savory products and solutions

Category Product name Description
Basic taste solutions Gistex® Helps build savory taste foundation without adding flavor notes. Read more>
Taste direction Maxavor® Helps build authentic instant culinary flavor. Read more>
Taste direction Maxagusto® Creates authentic homestyle kitchen vegetable flavors. Read more>
Taste enhancement Maxarome® Balances taste in authentic and tantalizing savory dishes. Read more>
Taste enhancement Multirome® Powerful rich indulgent savory & umami flavor. Read more>
Taste enrichment MaxaGourmet™ Clean label taste solutions for distinctive savory flavor profiles for great tasting soups, sauces, seasonings and plant-based meat alternatives. Read more>
Taste modulation Modumax® Helps create preferred taste profiles when taste is a challenge. Read more>