Solutions to naturally extend shelf life

Consumers are demanding more from their food than ever before. Health and sustainability are important considerations for food buyers, as are qualities such as reduced processing and fewer, more natural, understandable ingredients.

Freshness adds value but also challenges

Keeping products fresh and appealing for longer is clearly an important focus for producers of fresh baking, dairy and beverage products. However, finding new and more natural ways to keep their portfolios fresh for longer is a significant challenge, since many artificial preservatives do not meet the expectations of modern consumers. Removing artificial preservatives is a hot topic, and biopreservatives support consumers’ demands while also improving taste.

Naturally extending shelf life. Four reasons why customers should care

  • A third of all food is wasted.
    1.3 billion tons of food is wasted every year. In industrialized countries, more than 40% of loss happens at a retail and consumer level and research indicates that an increased shelf life of just one day could prevent up to 0.2 million tons of annual household food waste.
  • Consumers clearly prefer natural preservatives.
    DSM research shows that consumers think natural preservatives are healthier, better tasting, and that they are willing to pay more for products containing natural ingredients. 
  • Most consumers check expiry dates and labels.
    According to the Food & Health Survey 2016, more than 70% of consumers check expiry dates in the supermarket. This shows that, while consumers value clean-label, natural products, shelf life is also a key driver of purchasing behavior.
  • Reputation matters.
    The risk of potential reputational damage means preventing bacterial contamination is top of mind for many leading brands. The online and public exposure associated with a major product recall can negatively impact revenues, stock prices and brand value.

At DSM, we recognize the challenges of naturally extending shelf life and simplifying labels. Indeed, as a partner to the world’s leading food brands, we understand this complex puzzle better than most. As part of our sustainability commitment, we leverage our deep microbiology and fermentation expertise to create solutions that help manufacturers keep their products fresh for longer, prevent spoilage and reduce food waste. With an exceptional portfolio of biopreservatives and anti-oxidants, combined with our deep knowledge of food processing, our application experts can help you find the best shelf life solution for your specific needs.

Our promise? Less spoilage. More value.

Preserve the finest baked goods

Keeping baked products fresh for longer is a key value driver for industrial bakers. This involves, among other things, avoiding yeast and mold formation and preventing staling of bread and cakes. As part of its portfolio of biopreservatives to naturally extend shelf life, DSM offers Delvo®Cid* – effective against all known yeasts and molds in bread, buns, tortilla and cakes without compromising end-product taste or appearance. Are you looking to avoid staling in your bread or cakes? Please check out DSM’s BakeZyme® or CakeZyme®.

*Only available in the US and Mexico for baking applications

Preserve the finest cheeses

Naturally extending shelf life and preventing microbial spoilage is a key challenge for cheese manufacturers, during and after the cheese ripening process. Drawing on in-depth cheese production knowledge, our cheese experts can help producers find the best biopreservation solution for their specific needs. DSM offers solutions to control Clostridium and prevent late blowing of hard and semi-hard cheese (Delvo®Zyme), as well as solutions to protect cheese surfaces and brine baths against yeast and molds (Delvo®Cid). For processed cheeses produced via a heating step, Delvo®Nis protects against gram-positive and spore-forming bacteria. Meanwhile, for cottage cheese, DSM offers microbial protection from within thanks to Delvo®Guard. Finally, with Pack-Age®, the only membrane to both pack and age cheese, DSM enables the most efficient, mold-free and sustainable natural cheese ripening process.

Preserve the finest fermented milk products

Today’s consumers are looking for more natural, “better-for-you” sustainable yogurts with reduced sugar and fat content, as well as shorter ingredient lists and more transparent labeling. All without compromising quality, indulgence or taste. At the same time, manufacturers face more stringent food protection standards and must guard against potential spoilage-related incidents. As part of its portfolio of biopreservatives to naturally extend shelf life, DSM offers Delvo®Guard, a range of high-performing protective cultures that help dairy manufacturers face these challenges head on and directly meet their customers’ needs.

Preserve the finest beverages

Spoilage in drinks is a key issue for beverage producers, impacting bottom-lines and contributing to food waste. With mold, yeast and bacteria causing spoilage, adding preservatives to beverage formulas can help drive product safety while ensuring optimal taste and flavor until the end of shelf life. It also means products that can be transported over longer distances to new parts of the world. DSM’s biopreservative Delvo®Cid* is highly effective against both yeast and mold: the most targeted organisms in beverages. 

*Only available in the US and Mexico for beverages

Product range Biopreservatives


Starter cultures for traditional fermentation of all types of cheese.


Starter cultures for traditional fermentation of all types of yogurts.


Protective cultures for safety from within.


Lysozyme to prevent late blowing in cheese.


Natamycin-based biopreservative, effective against yeast and mold.


Nisin-based biopreservative, effective against gram-positive bacteria.